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How Many of Your Tax Dollars Will Go to Afghanistan?

Posted by ZP Heller on April 15th, 2009

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For those of you who had to cut checks and wait in long lines at the Post Office this afternoon, here’s a stat to darken your already gloomy tax day. According to the National Priorities Project (NPP), 37.3 cents of every tax dollar went toward military spending last year. NPP has a site set up where you can actually see the breakdown of where your tax dollars went in 2008, based on your city and county info. For instance, in Philly where I live, the median income family paid $1,958 in federal income taxes last year. Of that, $576 went to military spending and another $155 went to military interest on debt, while education received a paltry $59 and environment, energy and science combined got just $55. Why are these numbers so skewed?

Thankfully, the Obama administration has called for substantial investment in woefully underfunded areas like education, health care reform, and renewable energy. And investing in renewable energy will translate into more jobs, even though the NPP notes that 30 percent of military spending currently goes toward securing fossil fuels. Here’s the thing though, if our country is simultaneously escalating the war in Afghanistan, calling for a long-term military commitment, how can they possibly deliver on their economic agenda?

So far, the war in Afghanistan has cost taxpayers $172 billion, but that doesn’t even begin to factor in all the long-term social and hidden costs. Factoring in the cost of future occupation, veterans benefits, and interest, we could be looking at $1-2 trillion. Can someone in Washington please start doing the math here?

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to “How Many of Your Tax Dollars Will Go to Afghanistan?”

  1. prairie press says:

    Lets face it CAFTA was a major catalyst to middle east war.

  2. prairie press says:

    Lets face it CAFTA was a major catalyst to middle east war.

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