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Look Who’s Rethinking Afghanistan

Posted by ZP Heller on April 30th, 2009

Click here for more information about the Afghanistan war.

A couple of Rethink Afghanistan updates to report. A few weeks ago, Anna Almendrala and I told you about Brave New Foundation’s Easter activism in Washington DC and New York, using colorful Easter eggs to draw attention to critical questions surrounding the war in Afghanistan. Well check out the video taken by our volunteer activists who got involved with this campaign in both cities.

And speaking of getting involved, the Cumberland Center for Justice and Peace in Sewanee, Tennessee, recently gathered to screen parts one and two of Rethink Afghanistan. Lots of members of the community attended, and University of the South vice chancellor Dr. Samuel Williamson and journalist Henry Hamman led a discussion following the screening. Williamson, an expert on foreign and national security issues, is the author of The Origins of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy, 1945-53. And Hamman set up a relief program for Afghan refugees after the Soviet invasion, in addition to covering the negotiations that led to the Soviet withdrawal.

If your organization or school is interested in screening the first few parts of Rethink Afghanistan, e-mail us at

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    I would just say one thing to you and that is, “FANTASTIC”!! Keep it up and wish to get more details from your blog.
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