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The $83 Billion Question on Afghanistan

Posted by robertgreenwald on April 28th, 2009

Click here for more information about the Afghanistan war.

We saw what happened when Congress rushed to war in Iraq. We must make sure history doesn’t repeat itself with the proposed escalation in Afghanistan. Call your Senator on the Appropriations Committee at once.

This week, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will testify before the Senate Appropriations Committee. They will try to make a case for an additional $83 billion in supplemental war funding. All over the country, people are raising pressing questions about the war that must be answered before Congress votes on this supplemental bill. Watch some of the ones submitted to us that we sent to Congress, then call your Senators and urge them to ask Secretaries Gates and Clinton the imperative questions:

  • Why are taxpayers funding a prohibitively expensive war that will jeopardize economic recovery?
  • Why are we militarizing a political problem when more troops will only fuel anti-American sentiment?
  • Won’t escalation further destabilize an already precarious situation in Pakistan?

Call your Senator on the Appropriations Committee to make your voice heard. Tell them all of the critical questions that they should ask this Thursday. Use Rethink Afghanistan and be creative when expressing your questions about the war, but also please be polite on the phone so we can ensure your voice is heard! Then, let us know you made the call. If your Senator is not on the Appropriations Committee, contact Chairman Daniel Inouye.

Keep in mind this war funding bill will bring the running tab for Iraq and Afghanistan to nearly $1 trillion in upfront costs. It will create, as Tom Engelhardt wrote recently, “a vast financial hemorrhage, an economic sinkhole.” An email petition won’t do it, your voice must be heard — call now!

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