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Help the World’s Third Poorest Country as US Aistrikes Continue

Posted by Anna Almendrala on June 18th, 2009

An interview with a man with his children in an Internally Displaced Person (refugee) camp quickly devolves into a father desperately trying to sell his smallest child to the cameraman. “For God’s sake, I want to sell this child but nobody wants her. What can I do?… For God’s sake, I am poor, otherwise I wouldn’t give her for one million. I know nobody wants to sell their daughter, but I have to. She is innocent, but I am poor. I have nothing.”

An old woman with amputated feet sits in a small mud hut, surrounded by five doe-eyed, dirty grandchildren. She is wailing about how their parents, her children, were killed in the bombings and now she is tasked with feeding, clothing, and providing water and shelter for these orphans in this camp. “They’re hungry, they’re thirsty, and I don’t know what to do with them… I ask my God, kill me and put me under the dirt, or change our lives.”

This is the kind of footage we saw, over and over again, as we cut and shaped the Rethink Afghanistan: Civilian Casualties segment. The first time I saw it, I was shocked. As a taxpayer, I was filled shame that these Afghans have to choose between living in fear of U.S. airstrikes in the rural areas or dying of hunger and cold in urban refugee camps. As a person of faith, my heart broke for the men who constantly fingered their prayer beads as they recalled the loved ones they had lost, and the parents and grandparents who cried out to God on behalf of their children and grandchildren.

To me, there is no work more important and time-sensitive than answering these people’s prayers. The little girl in the yellow jacket you see in the video? She’s already dead. Her sister in red next to her? She has already been sold. We need to stop trying to fix political problems with military solutions, and we need to recognize that Afghanistan is the third poorest country in the world. Here’s how you can take action:

  1. Digg this video. Just one click can help this video land on the Digg homepage, where it can reach tens of thousands of new people. More need to see what the war is like for regular Afghans.
  2. Provide aid through The Afghan Women’s Mission to the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), which is directly helping the refugees in these camps. We have partnered with these groups, and RAWA will go to the camps in this video to help those most in need. On their website, you can provide emergency relief to refugees, enable Afghans to visit the doctor, and help educate women and children to ensure women’s rights are respected.
  3. Become a Peacemaker: Receive up-to-the-minute information through our new mobile alert system whenever there are Afghan civilian casualties from this war. Then take immediate action by calling our government and posting on social networking sites.
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to “Help the World’s Third Poorest Country as US Aistrikes Continue”

  1. Steve Najemy says:

    Unjust, heartbreaking and needless. All words to describe the US damage to Afghans. However it is not the first time the US has been guilty as charged. Nor is it the only current tragedy we are responsible for. It is US bombs, phosphorus bombs, depleted uranium and US dollars that are killing and maiming Palestinians in Gaza too. History's list of horrific US actions is very long. Lest we forget Viet Nam, Iraq, East Timor, Chile, Argentina, Lebanon, the African American slavery holocaust, and of course the Native American Holocaust. Is it in the nature of our system to foist these horrors on people with dark skin? Is it racism? Is it the compulsive greed of the capitalistism that drives these crimes; the same capitalism that is worshipped by the free market globalists that we hear from all the time? To stop this continuing tragedy, we must answer these questions and exorcise our demons, face ourselves, admit our mistakes, apologise to every innocent person whose life has been taken or ruined, and then promise to never do it again and to dedicate oursleves to the COMMON good, not the narrow nationalistic goals or the even narrower corporatist selfish goals.

  2. 花蓮民宿 says:

    Is it in the nature of our system to foist these horrors on people with dark skin? Is it racism?

  3. 花蓮民宿 says:

    Is it in the nature of our system to foist these horrors on people with dark skin? Is it racism?

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