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How much security did $1 trillion buy?

Posted by robertgreenwald on August 19th, 2009

The war in Afghanistan is increasing the likelihood that American civilians will be killed in a future terrorist attack. Part six of Rethink Afghanistan brings you three former high-ranking CIA agents on the record to explain why. There is no “victory” to be won in Afghanistan.

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to “How much security did $1 trillion buy?”

  1. Samsor says:

    U.S is now and was then responsible for the mess and adversity in Afghanistan.

    I agree it is not the responsibility of the U.S government to build Afghanistan but they are accountable for the mess they have created and thus they are responsible for cleaning it up which they won't because that's not how the U.S foreign policy works.


  2. Afghan says:

    America must focus on baluchistan and kashmir rather than pashtun area.With help of america and worlds decisions can be again build a larger Afghanistan.It will be always war when Afghanistan government don't have fully control on pashtun citys and willages.Durand line which is make trouble at present time and it will be allways remaine allert to war.If NATO alliance will not look it at this problem seriously than it will cause many years,millions dollars and human lives.

  3. Rethink 9/11: A Letter To Peace Activists

    Dear Every Peace Activist,

    The world dramatically changed on 9/11, though, not for the reasons that were given by the Bush administration less than twenty four hours after the attacks, but for reasons that are deeply disturbing, and revealing; reasons that are either unknown, or have been repressed by activists in the peace movement.

    Continued. . .

  4. MO says:

    AMERICA can not win this war , that is for sure , NATO go back to countrys you dont understand Islam until you be come a muslim than you will understand why people are ready to die

  5. Yeah people are forced to fight and sacrifice themselves because for their own belief but that is being selfish, because higher lvl's or higher officials dont do that. Sad but true!

  6. Dala says:

    why is part 6 in spanish?

  7. Pullyourheadoutplz says:

    No matter what anybody tries to say, islam is a backwards way to live and is hateful of anything that is progressive. Everyone else is inferior in their view. The civilized world needs to get out of islamic lands, get all islamist people out of the civilized world. Most importantly we need alternative energy so that the 3% of the muslims that control the oil money can go back into the sand and stop blaming the western world for the corruption and woes that they inflict on the other 97%. I leave you with this. far more patent applications come out of even Africa than the Middle East. They are a truely worthless people. By the way, anyone that believes the bullshit on these videos is probably attending an american college and have no idea how naive they are. Yeah, we're not perfect, but this is such half thought out BS that it's embarrising to watch. I'm not some flag waving fool, but this stuff is childish propaganda at best. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to feel self righteous. Enjoy the grande carmel machiotto (or whatever you call it).

  8. [...] learn more about the dangers posed to U.S. national security by the war in Afghanistan by watching Rethink Afghanistan (Part Six): Security, or by visiting [...]

  9. @Pullyourheadoutplz
    The only hateful post here is yours
    and i don`t understand why are you picking on them.
    Yes. There are terrorists but they are just people that lost the way of the Qur'an. There is no place in it that approves violence.

  10. MrT says:

    um,pullyourhead, you misspelled embarrassing. and I would bet anything that you watch fox “news” and think that sarah palin is a genius and should be president.this is not half thought out childish propaganda, jackass.and it has nothing to do with a desire to 'feel self righteous'.these are all simple facts,we're not fighting the ones that planned and carried out 911 anymore,we're losing lives and wasting so much money burying ourselves in debt,and we can occupy this country for decades with nothing to show at the end of it all but death and destruction and debt.its futile and unecessary and we need to get out now!

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