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Is this what “shielding Afghans from violence” looks like?

Posted by Derrick Crowe on September 30th, 2009

Note: Derrick Crowe is the Afghanistan blog fellow for Brave New Foundation / The Seminal. Learn how the war in Afghanistan undermines U.S. security: watch Rethink Afghanistan (Part Six), & visit

During his confirmation hearing, General McChrystal said:

American success in Afghanistan should be measured by “the number of Afghans shielded from violence,” not the number of enemy fighters killed, he said.

McChrystal is now running around demanding more troops for Afghanistan so he can increase “the number of Afghans shielded from violence.”

Yeah, about that:

U.S. troop levels by month compared with the number of civilians killed in each two-month period so far in 2009.

Check, please.

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to “Is this what “shielding Afghans from violence” looks like?”

  1. bcck says:

    Dont pull out. Finish what we started. stop crying america you dont even know whats going on. you just believe what u see on tv! and think you know everything. support the war, suppport the cause, suppport the troops decision who died for their country, who chose to sign up and fight. if we pull out and dont even finish or win the war, those troops died for nothing. The people who oppose the war should be ashamed of themselves because they are disrespecting the soldiers beliefs who are doing EVERYTHING OVER THERE!!! you guys just complain and oopppose, who have not done nething but complain. 9/11 should not be forgotten and people who blame it on the government for blowing the towers up shove it up ur…..

  2. bcck says:

    i dont know whats going on either but im just stating my opinion on common sense

  3. bcck says:

    y oppose when the troops decided to fight the war. there was no draft ppl. and the news makes it sooo dramatic and turn the public against it and look at all all u ppl saying the same thing that other ppl had said. do u have a mind of ur own? state ur own opinions.

  4. bcck says:


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