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Wally and Billy Panic
Posted by Derrick Crowe on September 3rd, 2009

The conversion of George Will et. al. on Afghanistan has the usual suspects in full panic mode. The Wall Street Journal and Bill Kristol stand out in particular. But even in their full “what will we do without a war fought by someone else’s kids?!” mode, they manage to pull it together to tell us exactly what they’d do if they were by-God in the military or if they ever considered service beyond giving your kids a good shove into the Big Muddy. Now, these are highly nuanced strategic prescriptions from titans of strategic thinking, regular 21st-century Carl Philipp Gottlieb von Clausewitzes. I better take them one at a time.


First, the Wall Street Journal.

From their April 7, 2003 editorial:

So much for Donald Rumsfeld’s flawed war plan. Just over two weeks into the conflict, U.S. forces are moving with impunity in Baghdad and the coalition controls most of Iraq.


From their March 12, 2003 editorial-by-intern:

Then there are civilian casualties. It’s hard to nail down exactly how many civilian deaths were predicted in Afghanistan — since most of those never materialized, the antiwar crowd understandably prefers to talk of other things these days.

…To repeat, in Afghanistan most of those casualties never materialized. But that hardly seems to matter. …Perhaps not surprisingly, given the movement’s general determination to be unhappy, Ms. German is curiously reticent when asked to comment…


Next, Bill Kristol.

We done?

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