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Bagram Prison Exposed

Posted by robertgreenwald on November 24th, 2009

Two brothers and former prisoners at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan give their testimony about the harsh abuse they witnessed while being captured. Their tale is an example of just how difficult and complex the situation in Afghanistan is.

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to “Bagram Prison Exposed”

  1. Oldsalt3 says:

    The America we cherish is most definitely better than that! President Obama, please bring our troops home and then help rebuild the homes we destroyed. I know you can't bring the men back to their homes – what a shame!!!!!!!!!!! God Damn the leaders of our country who did this!!!!!

  2. alexcernik says:

    What a shame! We need to stop this war NOW and get out!
    Keep up the great work that you do!
    Thank you.

  3. luisafels says:

    bring the troops home. send teachers and doctors in their place!

  4. SIVOHAM says:

    will we EVER learn? Bagram Prison Exposed

  5. trudy says:

    Please no moore! Bring our troops home and end this nightmare we are living thanks to Mr. Bush It was wrong from the beginning and is still wrong.

  6. Mark Mattern says:

    We do NOT have the right to be the world`s policeman.take the troups out and send in doctors instead

  7. jb4justice says:

    It is my opinion that we ought to let Afghanistan and Iraq figure out its own internal problems. Certainly, we are only adding to the confusion and causing widespread death and destruction in a war we simply cannot afford. There is no winning these kinds of wars, and imprisoning people without due process is anti-American and will serve to further damage our image in the worlds mind, if we do not practive what we preach. Freedom and democracy mean nothing if our deeds do not match our words.

  8. David Nene says:

    Please don't send more troops. This problem cannot be solved with more violence. We need mediation with incentives and sanctions as tools instead of bombs that spread the fire. We need to show the world that we care by getting out now. The costs are too high and the goal gets harder to achieve with every new troop in their country.

  9. Name says:

    You folks don't realize that this is happening as a means to fatten up corporate profits….It's the American way.

  10. tommatarrese says:

    This is not because they bombed the WTC its because Bush & Cheney needed to get the opium out of the country. Bush would do anything to get more drugs in his veins and continue his being an addict! Americans military are murdering these people. Get the hell out of there! Screw the Pentagon and war factorties!

  11. nedhamson says:

    Good film but it leaves me wondering about the translator a bit and wonderng why you did not choose to include any information that wold back up what they were saying. In the print it referred to the Americans carrying or pointing AK-47's at them. US forces don't use that weapon do they? Maybe a mistranslation but I would expect you to catch it. When they were saying no other forces or nations would treat them as the Americans have, it made me wonder about their knowledge and experience with the Russians, the Taliban, or the Northern Alliance – all of whom were reported to have been much more brutal. And I wondered why they might not think that suicide bombing that kills innocents is not bad or worse than what they described.

    I am very much against the US being in Afghanistan and want our troops out but ths film, I find unconvincing and expected better.

  12. raw_earth says:

    I think it's time to proof the facts. More troops can be more damage. President Obama, hear the voices of those who experienced the situation, not only in generals ranks.
    Builders but bombers,talkers not taktics, networks of humanity instead of private interest is asked for…

  13. fatima74 says:

    right these are our poor muslim afghan brothers who you called criminal mujahideen in the RAWA piece. the left only cares about our poor muslim sisters and brothers when it suits their anti capitalist agenda.

  14. martin says:


  15. Bill Rohan Sr says:

    'Many and sharp the num'rous ills
    Inwoven with our frame!
    More pointed still we make ourselves
    Regret, remorse, and shame!
    And Man, whose heav'n-erected face
    The smiles of love adorn, -
    Man's inhumanity to man
    Makes countless thousands mourn! Robert Burns 1765

  16. ernstbernhard says:

    I am very much against us being in Afghanistan. But films like this one does not serve to get us out but gives propaganda material to those jihadists our troops are trying to fight over there. Sorry I can't support this kind of “documentary” that just serves to prolong the war on terror, not helps to shorten it.

  17. denismoore says:

    What happened to compassion and mutual respect. Wars and plunder are not justifyable. How can we sleep knowing that our country men are killing people, destroying their lives and detaining them unjustly.

  18. fatima74 says:

    who are you to call our people “jihadists” and who are you to decide that doing “jihad” is a bad thing? we as muslims reject your white supremacist definitions of who we are.

  19. godkills says:

    When did our U.S. government ever ask the American people if we wanted to spend 60 million dollars on a prison in Afghanistan?
    WTF!!?? – Our government needs to be gutted.
    60 million spent in finding new politicians and military leaders ..maybe
    Prisons around the world? fuck off

  20. richarddyerjrmd says:

    I have become ashamed of American government when it chooses to represent me as an aggressor rather than a peace seeker and peace maker. I believe that diplomacy can begin with the promise of troop withdrawal, restoration of humanitarian aide, fostering education for all who will learn, and economic development in setting of self government without blatant corruption. Leading by good example is exemplary. Leading by bad example is un American. Leading by worst example is no longer acceptable. There are fewer risks to our national security and well being if we negotiate towards peace, which means tactical withdrawal from Afganistan. Enrollment of U N, European community and non threatening engagement should replace violence and occupation by force. These are my basic beliefs and principals. Thank you. RHD, Jr. M. D.

  21. Azimov says:

    These men are being generously gracious to be interviewed by anyone after what has happened to them. How right they are in regard to peace! We need to get out of Afghanistan and defend our own borders. Who is minding our store?

  22. spkavyo says:

    We are creating more harm, radicalizing more Afghans, becoming the enemy instead of the Taliban. Destroying peoples homes, killing brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers only turns the people against us. Every day we stay in Afghanistan we create more people who wish to drive us out. Bagram prison is the new Guantanamo Bay in the eyes of the world. It is time to rethink our mission and withdraw our troops. Bring the Taliban to the table to talk peace. Tell them is they do not harbor our enemies we will leave them alone.

  23. Brek says:

    America no longer exists except as a theory. Actions such as these taken against sovereign Afghani people in the name of the U.S. are those of an unauthorized occupying invader police force and do not represent the will of the U.S. citizenry. It is no longer possible to have a rational discussion about the politics in the U.S. related to these issues because no one in power (including Obama) is truly responsive to us. Game over. So now what? How do we reinvent ourselves? How do we extricate from this mess? And, just to be clear, the mess to which I am referring has been manifesting here in the U.S., too … in various disturbing, insidious forms and for a very long time. We are as well touched by the glove of fascism. We are in this mess together.

  24. This war is such a tragic waste of human life and resources. With the same amount of effort directed in a more positive way, we could have raised the standard of living in Afghanistan (or Iraq) to a level where the people would love us, not hate us as they do now.

  25. Acecool says:

    I am an American Citizen, born and raised, but feel that my own Government has turned into a very evil entity itself. To treat any human being without being proven guilty of a crime is in itself “DEMONIC”. Futher more! I say that any American man or woman who has a hand in fighting and killing another in a land not their own is no better than a hired hit man. Living off the taxes of the American People, to kill, murder or torture innocent people is not being a hero, but a soul destined to the pits of hell. What you do to others, you have done to yourself and you will be judged for it. I hope President BARACK OBAMA uses his Love for God and everything he has learned as a Christian, to act like one, and ask God for the wisdom and right answers in hopes of stopping any and all wars and bring our troops back home. It's time we owned up as good peace keeping Americans, and not lower ourselves into ignorant death squads used as pawns by the Social Elite (Made up from Corporate Money Mongers and Crooked Politicians who have invested in these wars) who line their pockets by the sell of weapons, supplies and equipment used to support these wars.

    Anyone drops bombs on my family or children, you bet I'll fight to protect, against anyone responsible! So how are the Iraqis, Pakistanis and Afghanistan's any different than ourselves? They Are Not! If anything, they are God Fearing People, just like me!

    The Drug Cartels in Mexico is our present enemy! Secure our borders! The Drugs are a silent war killer, killing the minds of many young and old with Crystal Meth, Heroine and Cocaine! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!

  26. peggyzimmerman says:

    I wish these two men lived in my neighborhood.

  27. tinakang says:

    The appropriate route to this is simple.. a peace treaty. perhaps?
    Not armed economic colonization. Not hired mercenaries. Not military occupation.

  28. earltrotter says:

    Would someone please give me a complete run down on this
    particular incident as to why the homes of these two men were
    suspected of some kind of wrongful occupancy. The video seems
    to be scripted and staged.

  29. michaeljohnson says:

    What have we accomplished in Iraq, and what are we hoping to accomplish in Afghanistan? The majority of Americans want the troops withdrawn promptly, and war funds redirected toward social needs at home.

  30. coolmind says:

    Military Madness. You can't bomb people into being nice.

  31. [...] From Rethink [...]

  32. IRIQUOIS227 says:

    What is there left to be said. The US has shown it's ass to the world in a way NO ONE could excuse. They are murderers sadist perverts, jews, and every form of human waste. People Such as Rob Kall, Amy s Williams, Cindy Sheehan, and the rest of the coward talkers. Time to shut up and go to fighting years ago. But americans are cowards such as these above mentioned mopes. YOU can find them at OPED NEWS.COM, AND POLITICAL BUZZ DC. But know this, these are only a few beggers for money so they can continue rehashing old garbage and already well documented data. Nothing new. What we need are people who find this “government” disgusting in every way, and despite the danger involved, organize to FORCE IT FROM POWER. REMEMBER, The framers of the Constitution, and most Certainly the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE GAVE US THE RIGHT, AND RESPONSIBILITY TO DO EXACTLY THIS.

  33. IRIQUOIS227 says:

    OH FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! George had no reason to do any of this except that Hussein started a dangerous economic precedent and for the US to pay for 1.2 billion barrels of oil, in the so called, “oil for food” program. only, the US was forced to pay in EUROS. Well, they had to scrape up jewels, silver, not much gold because the US doesn't have much left. Now countries worldwide are dumping dollars as reserve currency, and even the US is contemplating the EURO as it's reserve currency. Look at the runaway inflation!! what does that tell you? A jobless recovery from recession? IMPOSSIBLE!! well, unless you count offshore US corporations and how much tax they don't pay, and countries they exploit, and laws they don't follow. Why even today US third quarter earnings were downplayed to a more real number. Finally, there is the “TRANSAFGHAN” PIPE LINE. Oil in the Caucasus has to be transported somehow to the see for worldwide disbursement. This godawful crime has nothing to do with “freedoms, liberty, or any other benevolence towards arabs. They had nothing to do with 911 either. Look around! THIS DISEASE INFESTED COUNTRY IS AMERICA!!!

  34. tulleelster says:

    It´s a disgrace, from the beginning to the end! The Soviet invasion in 1979, the US sponsorship of Osama bin Laden and his mujahedeen to fight communist Moscow via Afghanistan, then, after the Soviet retreat leaving a ruined Afghanistan to itself and a civil war between brutal clan leaders, before supporting Pakistan´s sponsing of the utterly fundamentalistic Taliban entering the impoverished country to reek further havoc up until 9/11 2001, coming back with the pretext of bringing Osama to ´justice´and ´liberate´ the country, using NATO´s young soldiers, who don´t have a clue about the history, the traditons and/or the various languages in Afghanistan as ´expendable items´ to kill guilty and innocent people at more or less random.
    As a Norwegian, I´m extremely ambivalent about the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama, first of all because I´m against giving prices to state leaders who´s job it is to work for peace, but also because I fear that he´ll not withstand the pressure from the military rightwings in the US and send even more young, clueless boys to the hell of war.
    My country, a member of NATO, also has troops in Afghanistan, albeit only a few. But still, I feel guilty about that too and say: NOT IN MY NAME, and BREAD, NOT BOMBS!

  35. surgethis says:

    These war are being waged by the controlling elite and have nothing to do with out safety or security. They have used propaganda to sell their wars to the American people and continue to wage a propaganda war to continue them. Obama should announce an immediate withdraw and start an investigation of the lead up to these wars by the Bush administration. Obama's time clock for credibility is running out. If he does in fact escalate this unjust invasion and continues to put fourth the lies and distortions as justification then we will know that he is not who he said he was and our fight against him should begin then and there.

  36. emilezola says:

    I'm ashamed that a, so called, “democracy” can behave just like the worst dictatorship the world has seen. There is no crime that we haven't committed that won't rival the likes of Stalin, Pinochet, et al.
    The Red Cross has stated, from the beginning, that 95% of all prisoners are innocent and keeping them in jail, torturing and killing them in the name of security is like Mother Teresa coming out of an orgy stating that she is doing it for the good of the church. It's inconceivable and criminal. Since many politicians state that they do this, they do that for America, well, my family and I are also part of America and even if they were guilty, Idon't want anybody being tortured, killed, kidnapp on my account If I can't live with honor, I can't live period and torturing, killing is not living with honor.

  37. michaeldare says:

    Iraq borders Iran on the west. Afghanistan borders Iran on the east. We are in Iraq and Afghanistan to surround Iran to prepare for invasion. Until THAT changes, nothing will change.

  38. helgawithem says:

    The US should NOT send any addl troops. I experienced WWII and understand the horror, the hell of war. No real winners on either side. I can understand that you cannot make friends with bombs, the distruction of what little these people have, lack of total respect and outsourced
    prisons where torture is hidden from us, the US taxpayer.
    It is an outrage that the Bush war must continue to become Obamas war. If the American Taxpayer had to pay an addl tax to fund the war, I believe things would quickly take a different turn. Where is our moral compas in all this. i don not believe that our country will be less safe if we get out, to the contrary. By being the occupiers, we created more and more resentment. We most likely have become the enemy replacing the Taliban. America used to be respected and admired. I said used to be. I love my country but are saddened by what I am witnessing. Senseless. HKW

  39. earltrotter says:

    OF COURSE NOT! Who in the world would think
    that you can?

  40. bigbass says:

    I agree.US Troops do not use AK-47's,that is a weapon of our enemy,like terrorists.But,I do agree we need to get out of Afghanistan and use that cost at home.This film is unconvencing.

  41. russellnovkov says:

    I am disappointed that President Obama is sending more troops to Afghanistan,he should be bringing men home instead and having peace talks.

  42. loverules2 says:

    “I say that any American man or woman who has a hand in fighting and killing another in a land not their own is no better than a hired hit man. Living off the taxes of the American People, to kill, murder or torture innocent people is not being a hero, but a soul destined to the pits of hell.”
    I was sent a link to this video by a friend. Was curious and open to differant points of view, so I watched it and then went down to the comments.
    My Grandfathers both faught in WW2 – One at D-day, the other shot down twice as a paratrooper and received 2 purple hearts (not on American soil, but to defeat Hitler – hard to her he is in the pits of hell), My father served in Vietnam.
    My son came home last year, and was buried in Arlington (in the pits of hell with his grandfather). My son-in-law and Father of my 1 year old grandson, is currently serving in Afghanistan. We are a family with a tradition of patriotism and duty and proud of it. We have faught for your freedom to spew this vile. My son would want me to be tolerant and forgive your cruel hateful words. He was a better person than I am.

  43. Rusty Wilson says:

    Our U.S.Anian Empire killing to keep the Transafghan Pipe Line free for our exploitation of caucasian oil.

  44. esd2000 says:

    Sending more troops and for what? Please God keep them safe. Keep the innocent Afghan people safe also. What a shame. Let's hope for a clear exit strategy.

  45. Arguendo says:

    At the end of all the “talks & thining it over” the U.S. will just send more troops to be bloodied and killed! Let's face it, “collateral damage” means Afganistani's blown to bloody bits!! I'm tired of euphaisms. I'm tired of fake reasons to stay there. I'm tired of rich, corrupted U.S. politicians deciding what will happen to the troops and the Afganistanis. I sign every petition with this: “President Obama, would you have trouble deciding whether to withdraw from Afganistan if YOUR CHILDREN were to go into the front lines?”

  46. harveyk400 says:

    Invasions of Viet Nam and Iraq only brought disdain if not hatred of the US. To think Afghanistan will be any different is lunacy.

  47. coolmind says:

    Evidently Cheney, the Pentagon, our military machine. That's what we're doing in Afgh and Pakistan. Everytime they “Oops! we accidently killed a few civilians!” It increased the anger and hatred toward USA .. Why doesn't the US gov't understand that?

  48. coolmind says:

    I agree 100%. Cheney et al think it's very inconsiderate that those countries chose to settle over top of OUR oil.

    If we had worked on alt energy thru the Cheney administration, we wouldn't need their oil now. But look at all we have wasted trying to rid the sand of fleas.

  49. coolmind says:

    Yes! We have gang terrorism everywhere here, and it's getting worse. I live in a rural part of Maryland .. the paper reports the Bloods are controlling the drug trade here. Bring the troops home and take care of USA.

  50. coolmind says:

    agree 100% The drove out the Russian military machine. We can not take over Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Iran … but it seems the oil companies and the Cheney's want that.

    We are screwed.

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