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Bagram Prison Exposed

Posted by robertgreenwald on November 24th, 2009

Two brothers and former prisoners at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan give their testimony about the harsh abuse they witnessed while being captured. Their tale is an example of just how difficult and complex the situation in Afghanistan is.

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to “Bagram Prison Exposed”

  1. Mary Kerasavich says:

    I cannot believe President Obama is thinking of sending more troops. I don't see how any explanation can justify what is going on in Afghanistan. My heart bleeds for the Afghans and for the soldiers who not only come home in body bags, but come home suffering from post traumatic syndrome. Where is the logic in all this?

  2. Raymond Farrington says:

    Similar practices in Vietnam proved to be an utter failure and morally bankrupt the U.S.. I should know, I was there. If Vietnam has any positive legacy then let it be that we learned from our mistakes from that war and we will never repeat them. Give Afghanistan back to their people.

  3. floydholmes says:

    No more troops. Bring our men home now! This is where we need to save money for health insurance for all. There has been 50+ years of varies countries trying to correct the coruption in this country. When are we going to learn; we can't fix everyone's problems. Get out now!

  4. Jeannie Jackson says:

    I wonder how many people thought Obama was going to be different than George Bush – it's hard to believe he's just as stupid. My son just got back and thinks we should not be sending more troops. Obama has stated that the troops knew what they were getting into–and as thousands, my son joined to get a free education. They need more truth in advertising–show the young man that was operated on when his leg was blown off, only to die on the operating table on the recruitment stations walls–any college that kills 2 people a day would be shut down–so should the part of the military that aggressively kills and destroys other people.

  5. barbaragilday says:

    Education, education, education. Our people need to be educated so we no longer support this kind of effort. The Afghani people need education so that they won't fall under the trance of the Taliban. Think “3 Cups of Tea” like Greg Mortenson – build schools, rebuild infrastructure. Provide healing, not cause for hating.

  6. coolmind says:

    A rag tag militia defending their homes and farms and way of life; they defeat a larger organized, well equipped military from across the ocean.

    Could be 1776 or 1973 or 2009

  7. sophia says:

    What the former Soviet Union did in Afghanistan; today we, the US do the same exact thing in Afghanistan even harsher. We went under the name of liberators, but we are the real invaders and we put the entire Afghan nation in prison. How long we will bomb them, kill them, massacre them, and fill the prisons from Afghans? It is time to change our stinky and inhumane policy toward Afghanistan or be brave and honest and make it clear to them. “We will decentralize the government, will install our puppets in the government and will have puppet governors all over Afghanistan and will take all the rich natural resources out and then we will leave you Afghans with the empty shell.” Struggle and starve, but don’t forget we librated you Afghans from the Taliban that we created them for you!!!

  8. seacatlady says:

    As long as war profiteering is allowed to go on, the longer the war will last. The hawks are perfectly happy with the war the way it is, and as long as taxpayers are funding it, they will do whatever it takes to prolong it. These people are much more powerful than the president, and I believe that he knows it now. To pull out of Afghanistan would cost him the next election, and quite possibly his life. It would take an act of congress – initiated by the congress – to stop the war. And our congress does not have the balls to do that. I don't have any hope that we will pull out of Afghanistan, and I am ashamed that our country has fought so many wars of aggression for financial gain.

  9. WILLIAM URIE says:


  10. Acecool says:

    I'm not talking about WWII (figured it was obvious), however, Vietnam was a waste of Life, just as is our presence in the Middle East. It's a no brainer!

  11. Name says:

    Obama is just like Colon Powell, the rich white men's token negro.

  12. richardcdaniels says:

    It is very saddening to me that we, the people of the former greatest country on the planet, seem to have lost the ability to get the government to do what they are supposed to do-govern the United States of America-not the world. We have problems of our own in this country that need attention. That list should be long enough to keep the governing body of this country busy-but apparently it is not. We need to take care of the problems here FIRST, not the problems of the entire planet. I hope one day in the not-too-distant future that we will once again have a say in what goes on around this nation. Sometimes it seems that the very people that we elect to run this country lose track of the very things that “they” say will get their attention. And these things always get put on the back burner. Lets get together and may it clear that we will not sit idly by and let the events that have led to the condition that this country is in be tolerated any longer. As a former United States Marine, it is imperative that we get our government to listen to us for a change, as I once did while I served this great country. Please bring our servicemen and women home.

  13. coolmind says:

    See pics of the hell of war at the above site .. scroll down thru them all… and understand why 20% of our kids come home with bent minds.

  14. fatima74 says:

    stop calling our brave people “rag tag militia”, stop being so condescending and considering yourselves superior to other cultures!!

  15. fatima74 says:

    i'll say it once again, these are our poor muslim afghan brothers who you called criminal mujahideen in the RAWA piece. the left only cares about our poor muslim sisters and brothers when it suits their anti capitalist agenda.

  16. coolmind says:

    What I meant… in 1776 USA had a rag tag militia that defeated the British army. The Afghanistan rag tag militias defeated the Russian army. Now the rag tag militias of Afghanistan are defeating the expensive USA war machine. How is that not true?

  17. fatima74 says:

    the afghan people are not as you say “rag tag militias”, we consist of many tribes and ethnic groups, we come from deep historical roots and civilizations beyond what most of you hear care to learn about!

  18. Acecool says:

    In Iraq alone: As of September 20, 09' there were “4,345″ U.S. Armed troops DEAD. 31,102 wounded in action.

    136 journalists and 51 media support workers, and countless aid workers killed.
    Contractors: at least 1,315 Deaths.

    Iraqi's who died: 92,489 – 100,971 violent civilian deaths as a result of the conflict.
    11,520 Iraqi military and police have been killed

    Now add those who've died so far in Afghanistan

    World Trade Center Casualties: 2,752

    Would any U.S. citizen want their homes to be ransacked and looted, have your family members be imprisoned without being charged or represented, tortured and humiliated etc, etc,. Or worse! To have your homes bombed and/or experience innocent family members, husbands, wives and children maimed or killed? Of course not! But to think we are better as Americans, when God created all men equal is complete and utter barbaric and ignorant.

    Peace Talks! What A concept! was this not an option? Or are we than uneducated we can't find some form of common ground.
    Now add the fact, we cannot afford to continue supporting these wars with American Tax Paying dollars (with money we don't have! now add interest to borrowed funds)

  19. coolmind says:

    I agree.. and I meant no disrespect .. I only meant that USA military has high tech gadgets, planes, etc… and the USA is being defeated by less equipped soldiers .. soldiers who must be brave, fearless, and devoted. I respect your country and people. I call for USA to leave Afghanistan now. Peace to you and yours.

  20. fatima74 says:

    Thank you for respecting and understanding. Peace to you and yours as well.

  21. coolmind says:

    I'm glad we can be friends. :)

  22. fatima74 says:

    Yes, and it takes understanding and respecting mutually to do so =)

  23. earltrotter says:

    Your ignorance comes across LOUD and CLEAR!

  24. Bruce Gormley says:

    Obama has to stop being pig-headed and admit he has to change his mind.

    None of the 9/11 terrorists were from Afghanistan,

    It would be great to deprive the Taliban of a place to train. However if the Taliban can't train people in Afghanistan, they will train elsewhere. You can't police the world.

    We are killing and injuring Afghan civilians who just want to farm and live a normal life. It should hurt Americans to see pictures of woman and children who are collateral victims of bombings.

    We are killing three US troops a day and injuring far more. Six parents get word each day…..This is a cost that is very depressing. The sorrow caused can not even be imagined by the American citizen.

    The Afghan war is a Waste of Money.

    We Can't Win.

    The Afghan war costs $164,300,000 per day. Think of what we could do with our economy with that money. We could pay for universal health care

    The war is counter productive. Afghans and the world are hating us more.

    It is bad PR in World. We look like brutal bullies in the TV news.

    The Afghan war is as wrong as Viet Nam for many of the same reasons.

    We are destroying the country to free it.

    Afghanistan is the gravestone of empires.

  25. kellymoltzen says:

    What the war looks like to the Afghan civilian population: “There should be peace talks instead” –

  26. robertwood says:

    I doubt that Obama reads this blog. It is not reason or compassion that runs this country. What part of the United States is Afghanistan in? What part of the United States is Iraq in? The United States has no business in either of those places! How has the voting public been convinced that we do? Oh, they haven't? Then our government is NOT of the people, by the people, and for the people. I believe our constitution has provisions for when it is blatantly apparent that that is the case. What is not plain to me is how to initiate that process.

  27. reginamoreira says:


  28. John Barrett says:

    While war is profitable, it will continue.
    I guess we just need to find a way to make peace just as profitable.
    End the invasion of Afghanistan.

  29. Michael Nolan says:

    These two gentlemen say that the US wanted to bring peace to Afghanistan, but that was never a goal. The goal was to ensure that Afghanistan couldn't sereve as a base for Al Qaeda. That goal has been accomplished, and it is time to withdraw.

  30. Pauline Doucet says:

    More troops will not get us anywhere. No nation, through history, has won a war there. Help to the people would be the only possible way to improve the situation.

  31. ralphaponzarjr says:

    Dear Mr. President,
    how can America claim to be a moral nation in the face of these abuses toward innocent people? guilty people should not even be treated like this. please, sir, end this madness. America cannot survive it. we, the people, of this nation voted for you so you could and would end injustice. please don't let us down.

    Ralph A. Ponzar, Jr.

  32. kathiechandler says:

    What happened to Pride? What do we have to be proud of as an American? We must now exit Afghanistan. It is not our war. We need to take care of our own country and get rid of the terrorist in our country. I believe we call them gangs, drug lords and even illegal aliens.What if this was happening on our soil,in the name of peace? How would you feel about those that are “helping us”? Maybe if we came home terrorist would have no cause to fight.We have people dying daily from hunger, illness and many other forms of abuse due to lack of. But we send BILLIONS of dollars to support killing those in other lands. What makes us any different than them. I do support our troops who are there and for many and sadly ,learn to late they have as well been lied to. God BLess them and bring them home safely to their families.
    GOD BLESS THE EARTH. Bring our men and women home now. Stop spending our money on killing and start spending it on saving.

  33. kathiechandler says:

    AMEN!!!!! If we were smart we would use the amazing resources this country has that would employ millions. Thats the sun the waters the wind, we dont need to rape the earth of anymore of her resourses. And we cant own the wind or water or sun. But you can make $$$ off companies that do use and support these resources,WITHOUT WAR!!! Thank you Regina for your truth, God bless you.

  34. kathiechandler says:

    I couldn't agree more. One thing we must remember that UNITED WE STAND,DIVIDED WE FALL we have fallen as a people and are being controlled. I voted for our president and lost friends over-I pray that I was right. Don't let us down.We as a people must gather and stand together and let those who say they represent us do just that or it is time to give this entire government an enema and get honesty and integrity back in our goverment.Please Mr. President take care of us. Bring our men and women home.

  35. 1trueamerica1 says:

    first, i want to thank robert greenwald for his hard work and energy as a true american for making aware of all these atrocities that are taking place. as an afghan american, i want to let everyone know that this war will be our down fall. I hope to God that the day does not come that we stand in lines for food or toilete papers. this is just what happened to russians. I will tell all of you this, there is no country or power on earth that will win in afghanistan, i guarantee it with my life. just look at their history from the greeks to english to the rest of them. our government is underestimating the afghans just like the british and russians and the rest did. the only place in the history of jangiz khan and the mongols that he recieved the most blow where he lost his son, was in afghanistan. we will lose like we are already. people are joining taliban due to our killing of innocent people and killing their families. people are hating our troops and us as americans because our troops are looting, raping, and torturing innocent people. for Gods sake people wake up or we will be in hell in this life and if you believe in after life as well

  36. kathiechandler says:

    And this makes you better I'll take Obama over someone who thinks like you anyday. This is the kind of thinking that fuels war

  37. markmckennon says:

    The bad guys do need to be punished, badly, so they are either eliminated or dissuaded. Let's face it: they behead people, abuse women, their system of justice is monstrous, and they run flagrantly afoul of their own holy book every day. How more hypocritical and grotesque can they be? Nonetheless, the U.S. needs to practice far more diplomacy, compassion, forbearance, patience, and prudence. The Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan are just some of the consequences of U.S. meddling in the region's affairs since the 1950s and the development of the Mideast and south Asia oil industry — the assassination of Iran's Mosadegh, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the U.S. equipping the mujahadeen–who later mutated into the Taliban and Al Qaeda–as anti-Soviet guerrilla fighters, then the Iran-Iraq war (the U.S. of course supplying Saddam, including some of those pesky gas WMDs the conveniently amnesiac Neocons were so incensed about), then the invasion of Iraq and now this unresolvable mess in Afghanistan. This is a fire the U.S. cannot put out with weapons, only with patience, openness and a *lot* of infrastructure money. Every time the U.S. kills a bad guy, there is another ready to take his place, so the shooting war will never end. We must start by recognizing that U.S. foreign policy decisions shares some of the blame for giving Muslim extremists a party to hate and hurt. Measuring our own culpability may enable better policies going forward. Without them, expect U.S. personnel to be dying in Afghanistan — and elsewhere nearby — for many years to come.

  38. kathiechandler says:

    Wow thanks to both of you as that could of got ugly but you put your egos aside and had a peace and understanding talk. Leaders of the world did you see how that works? Fatima we the people do not know all the truth unless we are lucky enough to have a FRIEND that is from these areas or wants to teach us the truth. But I can assure you many of us want to understand. I do know you are husbands,sons,fathers,mothers,wives,daughters and love each other and just want to live your life peacefully and being allowed to worship and believe as you desire.I do know that you have a strong faith and I have great respect for that.War has through history been over All of us trying to put our beliefs off on others instead of explaining them and expecting the same respect in return I would give them in listening to my beliefs.Then we can walk away ALLOWING INSTEAD OF CONTROLLING OR JUDGING. God bless all mankind.

  39. kathiechandler says:

    Please know that we are not being represented for what we want or believe by our government. I am one who voted for Obama and believed with all my heart he would be for the people. Look at what we had to choose from. I still want to believe that he will listen to the people of this country and serve us as he was HIRED to do and leave now. Please don't judge us Americans by our governments actions. WE have been controlled by dictators we want world peace as well

  40. kathiechandler says:


  41. kathiechandler says:

    you can't support truth,knowledge,awareness of something we know nothing of and only stand in judgement ?? Isn't that part of what got us here. Do you really know what a jihadists is? Really? Are ALL Christian's,Jews,catholic etc wrong, bad ? Please don't believe that those that are the terrorist represent Muslims. I have friends that are of the Muslim faith and they are some of the kindess most humble people that would do anything for you. Please judgement gets us no where.

  42. kathiechandler says:

    Please don't join them in there judgement. Where will this get you? Maybe raising your blood pressure–not worth it. Have pity on those who have judgement for they know not what they do. Education is truly the answer for ALL of us. you about us , us about you. When I was in Turkey I went afraid for my safety. Do to others and their fears. I have never been treated kinder. I learned the customs and dressed and acted accordingly out of respect, and loved the people so much.

  43. kathiechandler says:

    good for you!

  44. rogerbritton says:

    Dear president Obama please take time to personally see what is the reason for detaining Afgan people assuming I am getting the truth about what is going on in this war torn country.Take time to tell Us what is going on and if You are going to get the facts to make a fair decision.

  45. coolmind says:

    Military madness … this isn't about defense of USA .. it's about politics and energy supplies… oil and gas pipe lines

    we have been sold a bill of goods .. lied to by our Gov't for decades on middle east issues.

  46. coolmind says:

    USA is dying. we have lost honor, and our work ethic. We have lost pride in our work. We now just want profit for doing little. We scheme to have bling-bling now and to pay for it next year, if ever. We fail to educate our kids. USA is apathetic and ignorant. We are screwed by our own failures.

  47. Acecool says:

    I hear you kathiechandler, With all the mindless hate, arrogance, anger, racism, bigotry, corruption, greed, self centeredness, ungodliness, and ignorance in our own country (tell me about it), it is unlikely that we will ever see “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL” (A house divided against itself cannot stand” Matthew 12:25). Although a great concept and regarded as pure wisdom handed down by the Creator himself, it is also said, “Many Are Called, But Few Chosen” on entering the house of God. I mean why half step in thinking we will ever experience America for what it once was, only to find out down the line, the American people only gather together when their lives are in danger. By then, it may be too late! Isn't it more important to know we can do something about it now? Where we can happily/peaceably eat, sleep and have certain moderate creature comforts without blood on our hands? I have a conscience, therefore, to step on or hurt others that I might have, is evil in itself.

    If the people in our country cannot live up to it's own motto “IN GOD WE TRUST”, and live by the word of God (man does not live by bread alone), they are already dead (walking dead, unaware), and it's a very short time when our lives here on earth are over and time to face the judgment of God.

    God is not the author of confusion, and therein lies the secret to a better way of life. In prayer, If you ask for wisdom, you will receive it! In other words, there is a perfect honest answer for “ALL” things, if only you look in the right direction!

    “Draw Near to Me, and I draw near to you” James 4:8, otherwise, leaving God out of the picture is pretty much like saying, Your house will surely fall! It's only a matter of time at the present rate we are heading. Obama may stave off the wolves for awhile, but don't be fooled, as we all know, the wolves are rich and powerful enough to work in hiding, devising new and better ways to corrupt America once again.

    Here is wisdom: EVIL BEGETS EVIL! If the blind lead the blind, they will both fall into the pit. Follow what you know to be right! and God will be with you!

    CLUE: What is the true meaning of Religion? As it is written: James 1:27 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

    Meaning!….Helping those less fortunate than yourselves! Especially those who cannot help themselves! For it is also written: Matthew 25:40 “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

    Are we fighting for the preservation of our belief in GOD by destroying the lives of others in their beliefs?..or are we fighting for our own way of life by invading someone else's way of life, and all because there are “Seemingly” smarter and wiser people than you that do your bidding and your willing to sacrifice your life for it?

    UNITED WE STAND! DIVIDED WE SHALL FALL! But remember! The only ones who will physically and spiritually fall are those who follow the mortal masses, forsaken God's will and cling to their own sense of understanding (where the vanity of ego, greed, gluttony, perverseness, dishonesty etc, are a way of life and deathly afraid to lose it, nor will stop at nothing to achieve it or secure it) . For those who put their trust in God and keep themselves committed toward love and peace (Love your neighbor as yourself), all the wealth and treasures combined here on earth will not come close to the gifts of glory God has waiting for you. Pray for those who suffer, spread the word that the Peoples voice dictates “BRING OUR SOLDIERS BACK HOME”

    “LIFE is not about what you Earn that is so important, it's the value in what you Learn!”

    “He Who Dies With The Most Toys…………Can't Take It With Him”

  48. reginamoreira says:

    Americans did not want to leave Vietnam, they were there for very many years. I always asked me WHY? For what?
    Later on, I was in the U.S. and met a billionaire man, ex-CIA that made fortune in that war time in Vietnam. His closest friends told me in confidence that his fortune was made with the drug cartel on the north of Vietnam. The CIA controlled the north and all the drugs made there had to pay them to get off. CIA was protecting and regulating the drugs in Vietnam.
    Probably is happening something similar now in Afghanistan. They also grow pops… and many high rank Americans are becoming billionaires with that occupation. They care nothing about afghan people!
    Some kind of Americans are eager for money not for principles!
    I believe OBAMA had very good intentions to finish all the wars when he got the office, he is a very good man! But now he sees that he cannot be too quick, otherwise he looses the seat, if he stays in the office he can help slowly, little by little, he will certainly accomplish his promises. He is a humanitarian and peace worker. The U.S. has now a good, intelligent great man in power! Let's help him to make things be better.

  49. dianatallman says:

    Dear President Obama,
    Please stop this travesty.
    I am in tears whenever I think of your Iraq and Afganistan policies.
    The world had such hope, and you have followed 'same policy as
    previous president'.
    Don't you listen to the American people, are you so insulated?
    I trully am at a loss to explain why I voted for you.

  50. howiethedissident says:

    Excellent video because it tells it like it is. I believe President Obama is making a huge error if he increases troop numbers in Afghanistan next Tuesday. He should realize that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are wrong, not in the interest of the people living in those countries and certainly not in the interest of the American people. We need to return our soldiers to their families and allow the Afghan and Iragi people to decide their own destinies.

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