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Matthew Hoh: “I submit my resignation.”

Posted by robertgreenwald on November 20th, 2009

Just last month, Matthew Hoh resigned from his position at the State Department to protest the Obama administration’s seeming determination to send tens of thousands more American troops to a disastrous war in Afghanistan. In that short time, Hoh has become one of the smartest, most compelling, articulate, and principled dissenters our country has seen against the failed Afghanistan occupation.

If the Obama administration doesn’t listen to Hoh now, his warnings of the tragedy that lies at the end of the path of escalation will come to haunt our nation in years to come.

Obama will announce a decision on escalation within weeks. But according to news reports, he is having second thoughts about the wisdom of throwing more American soldiers into a quagmire.

Now is the time to sign our petition to President Obama and send it to others. Then help us continue this important work on Afghanistan by becoming a Brave New Foundation member. As a thank you, you will have access to our Brave New Conversations series, where you can watch amazing Conversations with extraordinary personalities – including a discussion with Matthew Hoh on why the U.S. is following in the footsteps of the Soviet Union on a road to disaster in Afghanistan.

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  1. Julie Carter says:

    I admire your decision ever so much. I only wish there were more people in the administration with your courage and wisdom

  2. drettmann says:

    Former President Bush blew the opportunity to nail the top leaders of El Qaeda when he mysteriously became pre-occupied with Iraq. It's too late now.

    Terrorists are not just in Afghanistan, or Pakistan. They are everywhere…the middle east, far east, Africa, Europe, the Pacific rim, and they're here in the United States.

    The best way to fight them and eventually defeat them is the lawful use of intelligence and surgical tactical targeting…meaning kill them…using small teams of special forces and airborne assets like the Predator….whereever they are found.

    These murderers cannot be reasoned with, they must be dealt with.

    And that can't be done by committing many thousands of American soldiers to the poppy wasteland of Afghanistan's tribes.

  3. Pamela Corey says:

    No more war! We voted you in to get us out!

  4. johndorazio says:

    I beleive that if we continue on the path of escalation we will replicate the Russian occupation and ultimately withdraw in disgrace regreting all the dealth and distruction. I also believe that we should have a deeper discussion as to why we are there in the first place. Billions of dollars is waiting to be made if the gas and oil pipeline could be completed to the Indian Ocean. It was about the oil in Iraq and it may be about the in Afghanistan.

  5. davidclarkandlindamiller says:

    We must stop the ending and ruination of so many lives for the benefit of the few in the military industrial complex. Please bring our soldiers home and put our resources into doing good right here in the United States where they are needed so much.

  6. gracebenz says:

    This whole war thing is like a game to our leaders and political representatives that don't care about people anyway. They are the ones in power and they represent the corporations, not the people, as it should be quite clear to anyone with a tad of sense. This is about money and profits and total corruption of leadership! Any hope that things would change with Obama is quickly dewindling. The banks, wall street and the corporations are the victors here and until we all stand up and reclaim our country and our sojourn rights, more death and destruction is imminent!

  7. lindahogan says:

    This is a war that we can't survive. It is time to end our presence there. Even the police are Taliban. We are sending all our money into this battle, if we can call a struggle that, and we are losing our people, our future, our incomes, our children, and all for nothing.
    The Taliban grows because of our presence there. We make enemies by what we do. The eyes of an injured child are filled with hatred of Americans. Let's vote now for peace. This is why we elected Obama.

  8. joyceduchscherer says:

    We are at a critical time in our national evolution. We must seek
    better resolutions than violence!

  9. Kathryn Hoffman says:

    I agree and refer everyone to Bill Moyer's show tonight, to be repeated on PBS. He uses LBJ's own phone conversations with advisors in the mid 60's when he had inherited Vietnam. Same thoughts/same words/different countries and decades. Same death for no good reason…

  10. richardkarch says:

    Stop this WAR! We are in need of a whole lot more important things than fostering this WAR that has been going on for years and years. The Afghans have said they want us out. The majority of the American public wants us out. Let's get out NOW!

  11. donfoster says:

    The time HAS come. We in America need to reevaluate how we want to be seen by the rest of the world. It is time to build rather than destroy. Imagine how then Iraqis and Afghans would look at us if rather than soldiers and guns we sent people to build water systems, schools hospitals, medical clinics and houses. I believe we could accomplish more at a lower cost with true humanitarian aide than military presence.

  12. mary j cox says:

    Don't let the war hawks lead you into another Vietnam. These countries do not want to be occupied by foreigners and they will fight all occupiers. You will be wasting valuable treasure and lives. We need this treasure to restore our own country and help those countries that need food,water, shelter,medicine and sanitation so they can continue to exist.

  13. Karen Haggerty says:


  14. Joan Shepherd says:

    It all seems so useless, hopeless, a total waste of lives, money. Isn`t there any sanity in our government?

  15. Mary Randall says:

    War, killing, guns leads to more war, killing and guns. It's time to stop the insanity and start something that looks more like the outcome you want. Peace leads to peace. Respect. Understanding. Start there.

  16. erikmcgee says:


  17. mikecurtis says:

    I vote that the U.S. withdrawl from Afganistan as soon as possible.

    Mike Curtis of Arden, DE

  18. Matthew Hoh I salute you. The disaster in Afghanistan needs not to be predicted as it already resides in the hearts of the families who lost a loved one for a senseless war. Just as our country did in Iraq, one day we will say “What have we done?” on Memorial Day, as the future of America will try to make sense of the past administrations decisions to go to war. For those of us still alive then, there will be another question : What have we not done to stop the carnage and why didn't we procecute those who took our country to wars based on lies? On this latest, please tell me it's not so !

  19. Marilyn Flynn says:

    Out now!!

  20. estellecohen says:

    My greatest disappointment would be . Someone has to say no more fodder to Afgahastan.Our soldiers mean more than our pride.

  21. ashkhan42 says:

    Last Friday night I watched Bill Moyer's Journal regarding the similar situation faced by Lyndon Johnson on war in Vietnam. I have been to Afghanistan and it is difficult to decide whether to send more troups or bring them back. If the rule of Talibanis is to be avoided, then it is imperative that we send more troups but we need to change the tactics. Bring theTalibans in the fold and make Karzai to form a unity government.

  22. rickywahoo says:

    War is profit. Viet Nam war was profit. The iraq war was profit. Both wars started because the senators betrayed our constitution. Only the Senate can declare war on a foreign nations. This is not their fault but it is us, We the people, remember we are in charge but apathy and ignorance allows our leaders in DC to do what they want. Our media only cares about infidelity, homosexuality, or who bows and how many degrees and don't tell us about the real and important facts. I call me congressman all the time. However the American people are the most resilient and resourceful we are only impaired and limited by the weakest link and that is our leaders in DC.

  23. karinrada says:

    Please bring the troops home. Too many civilians will be killed.

  24. Cathleen Compton says:

    I think this argument cuts through any others to the contrary. More people will die without moving our policies forward. The lucky among us will live to regret this.

  25. Jo Anne Tuck says:

    No more combat…no more invasions…no more troops in Afghanistan. Use the Dipolomacy you promised to stabilize as best you can and bring our troops home. The U.S. can no longer afford the lives nor the dollars to support such fruitless, ever growing effort, that in my opinion, is worsened, rather than helped by our presence.

  26. douglasware says:

    There are those that say the circumstances in Afghanistan are not the same as those in Viet Nam Mark Twain once said, “History doesn't repeat itself – at best it sometimes rhymes”. I hear the verses already. And the second verse will be the same as the first.

  27. Nicole Colao-Vitolo says:

    no more war…

  28. Dorsey Lawson says:

    This war is a monstrosity – it should never have been begun – It has not made us safer and thousands of innocent Afgans have been killed – and hundreds of Americans have been killed.
    When will the killing stop? President Obama, the answer is in your hands. You must listen to the voices of peace around you — and stop this senseless war.

  29. Scott Swanson says:

    We have no more business being in Afghanistan than we do in Iraq. This must stop now – send our troops home!

  30. pcsewall says:

    Bush started this war along with the one in Iraq; now Obama feels he needs to show that he can be as tough as a Republican president by perpetrating it. This is all about political standing and stature as well as keeping Republicans happy that we are continuing another failed policy of Bush's inept and horribly devastating regime.

    This will certainly become Obama's Vietnam. And it will help ruin him politically. He is giving me no hope at this point that he will think better of his position.

  31. lannyball says:

    The Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage raged for 200 years. Is that what we're going for here? For what? A member of my wife's family just returned from Afghanistan. When asked what we were fighting for there, he didn't really know.
    That's a problem, isn't it? Our own troops aren't sure what the objective is?!
    It's time for this president to stand up to the war hawks like John McCain (who, of anyone in the government, should understand the dead end nature of this strategy) and just say no. No, there is no military solution. And if the military “solution” will cost us thousands of lives and billions of dollars, not to mention the reputation of America as a beacon of human rights protection, then it's not the right solution.

  32. Nancy says:

    We are there for oil; no other reason. Louis Farrakahn said that years ago…before anyone else was pointing out the obvious. This is a nightmare for our country. Why on earth did Obama receive the Nobel prize for peace? He does not deserve it if he sends more troops into Afghanistan! He was supposed to be our “peace President”; he is not. I am very sorry I voted for him. This will be his undoing as our president. Wish I'd listened to my “gut” and voted for Ron Paul.

  33. jameskuhn says:

    He was elected based on putting a stop to these 2 fake wars, we need to bring them home and start working on our country and spending our money on our people. We can not keep following bad ideas or killing people just because they are different or to get their oil we need to take control of ourselves and our country and do whats right. Get off oil and coal and use newer cleaner ways of getting the energy we need and we can do it and we'll be much better off for it.

  34. zo says:

    stop both wars as soon as possible and as safely as possible for our troops!

  35. goodguy54_2000 says:

    The fact that troops on foreign soil incite terrorism and resistance is not new. Sociologist Robert Pape of the University of Chicago studied why suicide terrorists do what they do and the answer is unequivocably “because they believe they have been invaded by a foreign army from a democratic state”.

    The 9/11 bombings, the troubles in Vietnam, the troubles in Iraq and Afghanistan ALL happened because our armed forces were propping up or establishing despotic governments which were beholden to the United States for their sustenance. If we withdrew from the Middle East, the horribly corrupt Saudi government would be overthrown within a year or two — and replaced by some other corrupt government. It's not about religion and its not about justice. It's about power and control of economic resources. In other words, it's colonialism without the overt colonies.

  36. josephlucci says:

    Our (USA) governments penchant to become embroiled wars in foriegn lands is an enigma of incredible proportions. What are we as a nation trying to prove? That we are top cop on this planet and we intend to restore peace and order here? Jolu

  37. lindahenning says:

    it is very disturbing to contemplate a repeat of Viet Nam. I lived through that time & there are no words to discribe its horrors. To stay in Afghaniston is to validate the decisions of the Bush administration which have proven to be unfounded & self serving.

  38. kaos_scorpio says:

    This is not just about the war in Afghanistan, this is about men and women who fight wars because that is who we are. I'm a Marine and have no qualms fighting a war, but, if your going to have me fight don't tie my hands behind our backs. Mathew Hoh was my CO in Iraq and had a joke that we're “defeating our enemy one unobserved obstacle at a time” now I finally understand the joke.

  39. kaos_scorpio says:

    Yes! You're close to getting the point. Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen we're all warriors fighting for our country. Fighting for what believe:friends, families our own Ideals. These are the same thing that our enemy fights for.We fight because we have no choice, when you join the military you sign away you bill of rights as well as when you go through boot camp you are, in a way, brainwashed. Not everybody can fight in a warzone and in order to fight you have no choice but to be mentally brainwashed. That is why many trops don't know why we we're their. As a Marine i want to fight in Afghanistan, not because I believe in the war, but because men I view as my brothers are fighting; because women that are like sisters to me are fighting. My brothers and sisters are dying and it drives me crazy and it is up to the American people to realize that this is a time for reform and Captain Hoh needs to realize that he is a key piece in a movment that leads to this reform.

  40. lannyball says:

    Thanks for responding to my post. I understand you are a marine then? I am
    curious about your opinion of the recent decision to escalate the war with
    30,000 more troops and ??? more billion dollars. What are your thoughts
    about our current strategy?

    Also, when you say we're “fighting for our own ideals” or “fighting for what
    we believe”, what does that mean exactly? Do you feel it is America's place
    to serve as the world's policeman, fighting anywhere where people don't
    believe in the same things we do? Help me understand what this actually

    Thanks for your time and service,

  41. lannyball says:

    Thanks for responding to my post. I understand you are a marine then? I am curious about your opinion of the recent decision to escalate the war with 30,000 more troops and ??? more billion dollars. What are your thoughts about our current strategy?

    Also, when you say we're “fighting for our own ideals” or “fighting for what we believe”, what does that mean exactly? Do you feel it is America's place to serve as the world's policeman, fighting anywhere where people don't believe in the same things we do? Help me understand what this actually means.

    Thanks for your time and service,

  42. lannyball says:

    Thanks, again, for responding to my post.

  43. lannyball says:

    Thanks for responding to my post. I understand you are a marine then? I am curious about your opinion of the recent decision to escalate the war with 30,000 more troops and ??? more billion dollars. What are your thoughts about our current strategy?

    Also, when you say we're “fighting for our own ideals” or “fighting for what we believe”, what does that mean exactly? Do you feel it is America's place to serve as the world's policeman, fighting anywhere where people don't believe in the same things we do? Help me understand what this actually means.

    Thanks for your time and service,

  44. charlesbrooks says:

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  45. lannyball says:

    I think it might be interesting for you in this coming year

  46. lannyball says:

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    Thanks and sorry,


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