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Meet Derrick Crowe: Rethink Afghanistan

Posted by robertgreenwald on January 11th, 2010

Brave New Foundation just hired Derrick Crowe as a political associate to work on their Rethink Afghanistan campaign.

Derrick needs your help finding footage of your Member of Congress or Senator talking about past war supplemental funding bills so we can hold them accountable in future videos. Send your footage to

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to “Meet Derrick Crowe: Rethink Afghanistan”

  1. maryellenjacobs says:

    Dear Derrick,

    “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.” The late Mother Theresa

    Mother Theresa's intended meaning of this quote came from a sense of goodness. This saintly, angelic human being never intended for it to be evil. When you read this quote today this is where global terrorism is headed, if it is not already there. This is the future of terrorism and how it will be conducted. This is why I oppose the War in Afghanistan because tactically its' focus is old and it attempts to tackle a very small portion of a huge life threatening problem.

    Terrorism and the Drug War are a-symetrical in nature. Both are motivated by money and evil. All a terrorist needs is a hateful core belief, a computer and training in a destructive technology to commit acts of terrorism. In terrorism, you can come from anywhere, you can be any age and any religion. You can “someone” or a “nobody.”

    Derrick, we have to stop terrorism in its tracks NOW. How do we do it? What we need is more of an infiltration of trained observers combing through our global society who can detect behavioral patterns and the psychological conditioning of a terrorist before a terrorist turns and acts on their hate. We must meet terrorism at its formation. Furthermore, everyone in our society should make notes, when they see someone lonely and disconnected who can sway towards this type of destructive ideology. This is more important than military training, but our government has yet to place this kind of emphasis on defeating terrorism. Why? Why? Why? Recruit all of those unemployed college psychology graduates and get them trained and out into the streets and focused in on this relatively new breeding ground. Neighbors in all regions of the world need to be interested in those around them. But, how do we do this successfully when our I-Phones, I-Pods, Blackberries, etc. are disconnecting us from our immediate physical surroundings? I believe the companies who produce these products have a moral and ethical obligation to encourage their users to talk to their neighbors one on one – without technology. Encourage them to do neighborly things away from the technology at hand. Also, I think it comes down to a simple act – a handshake. Looking a prospective evil doer into their eyes and offering them a handshake is not a comfortable act for a budding terrorist. When a neighbor asks them to carry their groceries or goes to their apartment to bring them a home cooked meal, etc., this is one ongoing method of assessing a budding terrorist's behavior.

    Our thinking in the U.S. must get broader, smarter and shrewder RIGHT NOW. WE MUST THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. We can defeat this war on terrorism, but we must walk away from a polarized way of thinking and move toward a more progressive means to achieve its' success. Our overall approach must get more personalized and be more helpful in nature before this type of destruction takes place. Did it ever occur to our government and to our military that a continued act of kindness from neighbors all over the world will help expose these people early on and/or could more positively influence their behavior toward being a better human being? Terrorism requires “an everything” solution.

    Let's look to the sky and thank God every day for the gift of life. Our military and our law enforcement are one of those gifts, but now is the time to turn the corner in our thinking in order to eradicate this evil. We have to succeed; our very lives depend on it.

    Bless you and take care.

    Mary Ellen Jacobs
    Pottstown, Montgomery County, PA
    Tel: 610-323-1482

  2. Bob Hauser says:

    If wishes were fishes….such dollydoogooderism is one of the many and oft times complex reasons this country and the whole world it is dragging down with it is in what so many people are tempted to call End Times. MaryEllenJacobs…your use of the term “progressive” is most disturbing: “progress” toward what? Do you mean the world will be a better place when we all just join hands and sing Kumbaya together—-that happens to be the major ingredient for Global Plantation slavery in the Bowels of Hell.
    You speak of evil and how we must or should confront it…ever hear the word “sociopath”? Any psychiatrist worthy of the name will tell you that a sociopath is flatly incurable and is in fact a totally unredeemable wretch to whom no sane person owes the time of day….Ted Bundy was a sociopath and had someone like you “confronted” him in the manner you so fatuously suggest, that person would have ended up in the same kind of shallow ditch as an estimated 400 other women did. The sociopaths that have driven a knife in America's back are from the MidEast alright but decidedly NOT from Iraq….they came originally from the Khazarian Empire and have long since saturated the upper echelons of this country's BLEEDERSHIP….the only good sociopath throughout mankind's largely squalid history has been a very dead one. Once that is recognized, all of our lives will take a staggering quantum jump in betterment. It happened in Rumania.

  3. Linda O'Connor says:

    Early in our Country's history we decided we did not like people coming into our country, being occupied by foreign people trying to govern us. We resented being occupied and forced to be governed by foreign people. We wanted to be our own people and country. Occupation breeds resentment. War and persistence to occupy will only bring more hate. More men and troops and disrespect of their ways will not make us safer. Another Vietnam and what will anyone achieve, and at what cost?

  4. Wendy Robbins-Vogel says:

    I agree; we need to RETHINK afghanistan. From before this “war” began, it was cystal clear to many of us; “we get the message and feel “yoour pain”; If I were a mother by simple chance of fate, living under such circumstances, with intelligent, young able to see the economic, health and security inequities surrounding me, I would do my best to hunker down, follow the rules and go unnoticed. My unemployed young would be angry, seeing the waste and exploitation of our only resource (oil) and know that the only way to send a message to those exploiting me is to do something spectacular and unexpected. Did we get the message? NO. So why not keep doing what is effective? What else is there when someone wants what little we have, disrespects our culture and remains ignorant of our religion? etc. We STILL think we can dominate ideas with physical force,military power, when the rest of the world sees us as about to implode on our own paranoia and insensativity, as Kruchev once declared. Only a complete RETHINK can possibly save us. Perhaps supporting Greg Mortenson's non'government, non'NGO personal efforts which have proved sincerity from a personal effort would be the place to start. Next: LISTEN! LISTEN to our enemies, try to understand them, then try to be honest in our response and explanations. We need honest leadership..NOT POLITICIANS. So far, the only lasting positive power we've seen is building Stones into Schools…using local citizens.

  5. Wendy Robbins says:

    Start by impeachment, better criminal charges against those who began this one: Bush/Cheney They used lies to get us into it (always works) nothing new. We need a whole new congress that actually represents it's constituants but that would require a REAL MEDIA to do some digging on lobbyists, influence & backing etc….so looks like we're stuck with our own self-satisfaction and delusions. Self=examination of real values takes courage…we're indeed showing little of that. Those of us who are cowards, “go along” and defend the status quo: frontier (“shoot now, ask questions later”) mentality…much easier. The person who portrayed psychopaths, seemed to be describing a society familiar to us all….insensative to others' feelings, and values. Perhaps he was just predicting that we will be “wiped out” due to our inability to relate to the world;s views and problems????

  6. shirinanderson says:

    I never agreed with the war in the first place. Totally impractical, non-productive and immoral. I suppose the weapons manufacturers are the only ones benefiting. They seem to have so much influence. That, along with public apathy seems to contribute to these misguided “foreign enterprises” that the Feds involve themselves in..

  7. jimwhalen says:

    BOB, Thanks for thinking my eyes are at least half open.But the thing that amazes me about you is that you seem to think the wars are somehow the fault of Obama and all connected to his administration are somehow wrong for working on the screw-up of the right wing war mongers.Your eyes will both open furthur when hear a loud popping noise as you remove your head from your nether regions. JIM

  8. jimwhalen says:

    Fishing JIM

    Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 10:20:35 -0600

  9. jimwhalen says:

    FRIENDS, Please take a little time to see what the Pres.and his people are doing for Haiti. Now compare this effort to Katrina and the hatefull way it was handled by Bush and his people! The same people who call Obama a Muslim,not a U.S. citizen,a theif and a liar.Now tell me honstly,if you were in Haiti,who would you call???????POP,POP,there is that sound again.Unless you cant get over how great it is to HATE….maybe its time to wise up. JIM

    Fishing JIM

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  10. jimknutson says:

    War is NOT a Carbon-neutral activity!

  11. Bob Hauser says:

    We're not in Haiti…and until I go there personally and first hand for myself I am not believing a solitary damned word of what the maggotry of the media says about Obama and what he is or is not doing there with OUR tax money that should be used to help OUR people first…capice? The tethered press of America has been doing NOTHING for the past year but using a trowel to spread butter all over Obama's and his wife's backsides…and so damned what if the chocolate jesus is throwing our tax dollars around in Haiti like a drunken sailor? What does that prove?…it was black Haitian fags that brought AIDS to this country and Obama is half black himself —-the upper half IMHO—and such half breeds always identify with their own black ethnobiological heritage.

  12. Bob Hauser says:

    Now see?…right there….that's what happens when vacuity personified of your ilk go thinking you are capable of thinking…your first big mistake was trying to put YOUR phenomenally stupid words in my mouth….I never once said that the psychopathic American rampages of carnage in Iraq/Afghanistan are solely the fault of Obama and his sycophants and puppeteers now did I?….in fact I never said anything that could be so construed by any person of sound and disposing mind and memory which, of course leaves you out. What I clearly and quite unambiguously said was that the Obamanation is following right in Bush's paw tracks and that NEITHER of them could be trusted any further than you could blow his dead carcass down a two inch fire hose. Why can't people like you learn to read? And as far as having one's head in rectal defilade…you are a charter member of the largest nationwide club in America. The tragedy is that people like you are allowed to vote.

  13. hessesusan says:

    War is not the solution–in fact war is NEVER the solution because it inevitably leads to more and more carnage which is very difficult to end once the hounds of hell have been set loose by war.

    When human and other resources are depleted by war, people scratch their heads and finally realize all that has been squandered without any real long term benefit to them. History is replete with examples of people who survive living in war zones, but those people often bear psychic wounds for the rest of their lives. It's time for all of us to acknowledge that WAR IS OBSOLETE!

  14. Kolya says:

    Well, if you'll read their “Sharia” carefully, u'll see that there is a good reason why women should follow the Rule. IF she is not – the punishment. Otherwise little by little they will have full blown prostitution and “escort-girling” with all the chaos on their man side.
    Thats how they are protect The Order. Yes, it is maybe looks cruel, but hey, LEAVE THEM ALONE.
    If we're shit our pans that Muslims will try to shoot us down, lets fix our country first financially, socially, develop heavier protection, stop this “immigration” nonsense. When people would love their country they will fight to death, like Soviets did, so EVERYONE will know that and think twice before trying.

  15. Kolyan says:

    Hey Bob, I like your reply about “walking someone on a short pier”. Give me a buzz if there applications available online for the escort personnel. I'll do it voluntarily, maybe for a doughnut and a cup of coffee at most.

  16. jimwhalen says:

    BOB, Maybe when we realize your god like potential we will be told if you are going to allow us to vote or not.And should that day occur it will be too cold for you to visit your friends in hell because,guess what,it done froze over!But seriously now BOB,I do wish I had the education you have.Obivously,I didnt even graduate high school.And for all you know I may be a black Muslim Jew or any of the other things you feel so superior to.But for all my inadequate traits you find so far beneath you,there is one thing I think you should know.You sound like Fox News and I dont believe you would make a pimple on a real mans butt. Opps,that two things. But what can you expect from a black,Muslim Jew.And was raised Catholic?????????

    Fishing JIM

  17. almellen says:

    Go for it. I have grown up and old with wars, even though i have never been in one. I grew up listening to my father tell about his experiences in the trenches in World War 1,,,that was the war to end all wars,,,what a joke that was. I was born in 29, i grew up during the Great depression. To this day i wonder why it was called GREAT. It might have been better named the F___ing depression. Apparently our leaders will never learn. It is far cheaper and far better for every-one's health to debate rather than fight. Fighting is for professional boxers and juveniles. Most adults do NOT fall into either of those catagories. Lots of luck on your venture,,,,you are going to need it. All long as a few individuals can make a lot of money, i am afraid there will always be wars.

  18. linda healey says:

    Does anyone remember the Great work Greg Mortenson has done with just pennies??
    In many countries throughout the world it is appropriate and more successful to ask the natives of that country and not the politicians what the people want and need. The majority will say education for their children and esp for the girls. These programs of educating and increasing healthcare to all children, has been the most successful programs to date.
    The only people that have said they need bombs and guns are the politicians in government. And they have always used them to control their own people and their elections

  19. Andy says:

    Hey Bob, the massacre that you referring to is not the defeat in any battle or strategically planned. It is cruel shit to kill retreated soldiers by agreement. So the battle of Kabul was actually victorious for Britts.
    “An army of British and Indian troops set out from the Punjab in December 1838 and by late March 1839 had reached Quetta. By the end of April the British had taken Qandahar without a battle. In July, after a two-month delay in Qandahar, the British attacked the fortress of Ghazni, overlooking a plain that leads to India, and achieved a decisive victory over the troops of Dost Mohammad, which were led by one of his sons. The Afghans were amazed at the taking of fortified Ghazni, and Dost Mohammad found his support melting away. The Afghan ruler took his few loyal followers and fled across the passes to Bamian, and ultimately to Bukhara, and in August 1839 Shuja was enthroned again in Kabul after a hiatus of almost 30 years. Some British troops returned to India, but it soon became clear that Shuja's rule could only be maintained by the presence of British forces. Garrisons were established in Jalalabad, Ghazni, Kalat-iGhilzai (Qalat), Qandahar, and at the passes to Bamian. After a winter in temporary quarters, the British thought to move their Kabul garrison to the great fort, Bala Hissar, overlooking the city, but Shuja, either on his own or under pressure, refused to sanction the move.”

  20. Bob Hauser says:

    Until you take the profit out of wars, they will never end…..until a large enough body of people miraculously develop the gonadic gumption to not only question authority but defy it when necessary (as it so often is in this country now anyway). But vastly too many people in America (and I no longer regard them as “Americans”) have been completely lobotomized by the churches and the public FOOL system to the point where as a free nation America lies dead…I mean face down in the gutter in a pool of its own blood…….DEAD. For too many decades now the MORON MAJORITY of America has been totally bat blind to the fact that the Emperor not only has no clothes but even less in the way of brains…..

  21. jimwhalen says:


    Fishing JIM

    Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 10:38:19 -0500

  22. jimwhalen says:

    BOBBY, Check your pants! Something crawled up there and turned you sour.Get it out and get a life befor its too late.You are one sick puppy!!!! JIM

    Fishing JIM

  23. jimwhalen says:


    Fishing JIM

    Subject: Good one
    Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 13:46:19 -0600

  24. Bob Hauser says:

    Where do you “fish”, Jim?…in the gutter. You obviously spend your life doing everything else there. It's because of phlegmers like you that I am not entirely against abortion.

  25. Bob Hauser says:

    Yeah…whatever, Jim….and what has the State of Texas got to do with the price of tea in China? Do you really have any kind of a point other than the apex of your skull or are you just randomly web surfing for a place to flatulate your excuse for a life away?

  26. Bob Hauser says:


  27. Bob Hauser says:

    Jim….it requires no “god” up there or out there to recognize a clinical retard…and frankly I don't give a rat's ass whether you graduated from the public FOOL system or not…just so happens that Henry Ford quit school in the eighth grade but went on to become one of the truly greatest industrialists for peace this country ever had….he also published one of the few…and I mean damned few…. honest news publications this country had seen in the entire last century…THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT…and as far as manhood is concerned, I have got more manhood under my little fingernail than you have anywhere in your 74 year old carcass….at least I had what it took to defy the public FOOL system's attempt to skull fuck me quite unlike a confirmed eunuch such as yourself who so richly enjoyed getting terminally dumbed down for life.

  28. jimwhalen says:

    Never mind BOB, Its beyond your limited education to conprehend..

    Fishing JIM

  29. jimwhalen says:

    BOB, WOW, We almost completly agree on something.ABORTION! Are you willing to let women make that decison by themselves?If so, than I apoligize,YOUR NOT AS BIG OF AN ASS-HOLE as I thought you were! FISHIN JIM

    Fishing JIM

  30. Bob Hauser says:

    Well, once again, Jim, that's what you get for thinking you are capable of thinking… views on abortion are not all that pat or simplistic as to be relevant to take space on this thread….I will say that I don't have much use for some teen trash twit who gets herself knocked up suddenly deciding about seven months along that she just doesn't “want to be bothered”….by the way,Jim…have you ever gone to the nominal effort to post yourself out in front of an abortion clinic and take a close look at the racial make up of the clientele? White….with exceedingly rare exceptions, white…no yids, blacks, chicanos, asiatics. Do you ever stop to think about what is going on or are you so bat blinded by your own hatred of yourself for being White that like most whiggers in this country, you have no clue as to where the bear shit in the buckwheat?

  31. Bob Hauser says:

    No, Jim…what I could not comprehend nor fathom was how so many people in this country like you could do everything else in your lives as stupidly as you vote and otherwise express yourselves politically and still have sense enough to go on breathing… then I learned that most like you are in fact dead from anoxia but just never knew which way the ground was so you could fall face down and die right….it's mongoloid idiots like you who said “Depression”? What Depression?…there was no Depression…it was all in peoples minds.

  32. jimwhalen says:

    HELL BOB, Ever figure I might be right? Or is it better for you to live in eternal ignorance?

    Fishing JIM

  33. jimwhalen says:

    BOB, I took a woman who wanted an abortion to a clinic some years ago. And the thing Im most proud of your ego would never let you understand.I was simply proud to help her get there and get back home.The rest of her story is none of my busniess.But unlike you,I dont have to set in judgment on anybody but me…..JIM

    Fishing JIM

  34. Bob Hauser says:

    Considering the source and the wholly acephalous nature of your posts here, the answer is not just “no” but HELL NO. You are dripping from head to hind quarters with PC like most of the cyborgs and sycophants in this country who have so blindly and willingly allowed themselves to be skull raped by the public FOOL system. You claim to have been an electric lineman….well, they never finished the wiring in your upper stories and most likely never started.

  35. Bob Hauser says:

    Then tell you what, Jim…why don't you fire off a letter to your dubiously elected congress”person” and see about getting the House to authorize a special medal just for people like you who drove somebody to a baby butcher to get an abortion and then actually drove them all the way home….did you bother to go inside and watch the procedure which was most undoubtedly performed by a jewish MD? I am pretty sure it would not have been something you'd want to remember…or did you go around back of the clinic and check out what ended up in their dumpsters? I sure as the Hell don't need a fossilized old dimwit like you to tell me this world is grossly over populated—especially with fossilized old dimwits like you—-but we are talking about human beings murdered in cold blood for fun and profit by mostly jewish baby butchers and almost invariably of White gentile infants. Now I know this abrades whatever excuse a totally worthless old fart like you would have for a conscience because like all other whiggers this country is so maggot ridden with, you undoubtedly hate yourself for being White. You must know the best cure for that, don't you or are you that much of a waste-oid?

  36. jimwhalen says:

    BOB,Guess I would have to ask you for the medal cause you and a few other dimwits like you think you run this world.So let this old fart be heard loud and clear–YOU DONT–And boy,would I ever like to introduce you to a Jew or to I am close friends with,you Hitler loving louse…JIM

    Fishing JIM

  37. jimwhalen says:

    Fishing JIM

  38. jimwhalen says:

    Fishing JIM

    Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 14:20:36 -0800

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