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Mr. President, Lead Us Out of the Afghanistan War

Posted by Derrick Crowe on January 22nd, 2010

Next Wednesday, President Obama will give his first State of the Union address. It’s a safe bet he’ll discuss the Afghanistan war. You probably recall that the President recently committed to start drawing down troops in Afghanistan in July 2011.

Setting a target date for the start of a withdrawal is a good step, but if we are going to make the president’s commitment into a reality, we need a concrete exit strategy.

Please take a moment to sign our petition to tell the President that you want him to describe a real exit strategy for Afghanistan during his State of the Union speech. Here’s the text:

In your State of the Union address on January 27, 2010, I want you to provide a concrete exit strategy for our troops in Afghanistan that begins no later than July 2011 and which completes a withdrawal of combat troops no later than July 1, 2012.

A concrete exit plan will lay the groundwork that will help make President Obama’s commitment to a draw-down a reality. Our country cannot afford to keep spending billions of dollars on a war that’s not making us safer. Staunching the flow of American blood and treasure into the Afghanistan war will be essential to the success of the Obama presidency and to getting our economy back on track. We need more than a date. We need a plan.

Please sign the petition today. If we get 10,000 signatures, we’ll deliver them to the White House on Monday. Your signature will help put us on a defined path to the end of the war in Afghanistan.

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to “Mr. President, Lead Us Out of the Afghanistan War”

  1. Similar says:

    We Japanese met one of you in last summer, on Osaka and Kyoto.
    Now we stop oil supply to USNavy on Indian Osian.
    And now it became ploblem in okinawa base to move or not Helycoptor
    Airport from Futenma , Okinawa.
    US gvment puressure Japanese New Democratic Party with scandals.

    I have an Idea that Economic System Make War anyway, so
    I start campagin that Not Buying things that appear on TVCM.
    because I think that all these are connected.
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    So I hope you also think about this mechanizm of capitalizm.

    Thanks for your attention.

  2. Similar says:

    To stop lie of Mass Media,
    Not Buying Things on TV commercial seems effective isnt it?
    And its easy for citizens.

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