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Suicide Bomber Strikes at Gates of U.S. Military Base on Outskirts of Kabul
Posted by Derrick Crowe on January 26th, 2010

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On Tuesday, the Taliban claimed responsibility for a suicide attack targeting an international convoy at the gates of Camp Phoenix, a U.S. facility on the outskirts of Kabul. At least six people were injured. Suicide terrorism was virtually unknown in the country before the U.S. invaded at the start of the Afghanistan war. Most attacks target U.S. and allied forces.

Tomorrow’s L.A. Times provides a bit of background on Camp Phoenix, most notably that it’s a frequent target for such attacks:

Tuesday’s attack took place just outside an installation known as Camp Phoenix, used mainly by U.S. troops who are helping to train Afghan security forces. Building up the nation’s army and police force is considered a cornerstone of the West’s eventual exit strategy, though military officials acknowledge that it will be a difficult undertaking.

Camp Phoenix, on the main road leading out of Kabul toward the eastern city of Jalalabad, is a frequent target of insurgent attacks, in part because it is close to a main roadway, and suicide bombers often try to strike convoys that are arriving or leaving. Such an attack in mid-November injured about two dozen people, nine of them Western troops.

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  2. Beverly Prather says:

    Suicide boomers- people that have nothing left to live for. American has invaded their country, bombed their mountians into piles of rubble, destroyed their country with our bombs and war, murdered their children, their men and women. They are suicide boomers because they watch their children die… FOR AMERICAN GREED. This war is for AMERICAN CORPORATIONS to build corporate wealth from government contracts. The same as Viet Nam. Haliburton gang rapes OUR OWN WOMEN, and murders the people of Afghanistan while we STEAL, their natural resources, and seek to enslave their people to work in oil refineries. Suicide bombers have nothing left to live for, other than a future of slavery to the American oil industry, that enjoys the LIBERTY to gang rape their own women

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