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Dutch Government Collapses Over Afghanistan War

Posted by DownWithTyranny on February 22nd, 2010

Click here for more information about the Afghanistan war. From our partners at DownWithTyranny!

The teabagger movement was in full swing in Holland even before Obama’s election drove thousands of American racists over the brink into raging, raving insanity, a brink they were followed over by much of the combined audiences of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and other Hate Talk sociopaths polluting the American airwaves. Having lived in Amsterdam for almost four years, I tend to follow the politics there a bit more closely than the politics in, say, Sweden or Austria. We started writing about the political career of far right extremist, Dutch neo-Nazi Geert Wilders a little over a year ago, even before a like-minded right-wing Republican in Arizona, Jon Kyl, embraced him and his sick, degenerate ideology of hatred and bigotry and invited him to Washington for last year’s CPAC Hate Fest.

Why bring up Wilders again? He didn’t come to CPAC this year, although his immigrant-bashing ideology is one of the dominant themes. (Probably too busy defending himself in court.) Yesterday clueless right-wing websites were predicting he would be the next prime minister of Holland as the national unity government there collapsed over disagreements about Afghanistan.

The Labor Party insisted that Holland pull all of its troops out of the war before the end of the year, which is in accord with current plans the conservative Prime Minister is trying to change. Holland has 1,800 soldiers stationed there and 21 have been killed.

The collapse of the government means that the withdrawal of Dutch troops from Afghanistan will now begin in August because caretaker ministers are not allowed to make controversial decisions.

The bold and decisive action by Deputy Prime Minister Wouter Bos is likely to give the Labor Party a big boost with the general public going into next month’s local elections. Holland’s political situation can best be summed up in the word “unstable.”

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