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FOX News “Analyst” Wants Reduced Civilian Protection Days After Children Killed in Afghanistan

Posted by Derrick Crowe on February 18th, 2010

On February 14, U.S. forces violated rules of engagement in Afghanistan by bombing a building in Marjah, killing 12 civilians, including 5 children. The weapon used in the strike was a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), manufactured by Lockheed Martin.

Three days later, Maj. Gen. Robert Scales (Ret.) went on FOX News and called for the loosening of rules of engagement meant to protect civilians, which he called “overly restrictive.” Scales’ company, Colgen, lists Lockheed Martin as a client. Scales never disclosed his company’s work for Lockheed Martin in the interview, or, for that matter, that he’s even associated with a company that has defense industry and military clients.


The last thing we need in Afghanistan is a reduction in protections for civilians.

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to “FOX News “Analyst” Wants Reduced Civilian Protection Days After Children Killed in Afghanistan”

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  2. silverspirit2001 says:

    If the islamists are using children as human shields, we must make it clear, that is their tactic and we will not bend to emotional blackmail. Just make sure we do not invoke our mythical deity in justification.

  3. kalpal says:

    American corporations firmly believe that their profits are of far greater import than the lives of civilians in jeopardy from the use of their products.

  4. buckhja says:

    Maybe all Afghans should go on vacation for duration of the war.
    A Carnival Cruise perhaps? Charter flights to some sunny island?
    Maybe the Genral has some ideas of his own, smart fellow that he is

  5. rgilley says:

    These opinions are so clearly Fox news standards. Killing 5 children is over restrictive. That must surely change our standing in the international community.

  6. “If the islamists are using children as human shields, we must make it clear, that is their tactic and we will not bend to emotional blackmail. Just make sure we do not invoke our mythical deity in justification.”

    What are the kids and their families supposed to do? Where can they go?

    Imagine if the father of one of those kids who was killed got mad and took revenge by attacking a US military base somewhere and in the course of that killed some American kids. What would you think of that? Would that be OK?

  7. Steve says:

    It's OK to kill Afghans. They are never likely to vote for the GOP or be Lockheed Martin share holders.

    The fact is that whatever one might think of the Taliban and I personally think their idea of Islam stinks, We invaded their country without good reason. They have a right to fight occupying armies.
    The occupying armies have no right to be there.

  8. macgregor57 says:

    Fox entertainment contributor, Lockheed Martin handler, less pro for civilians. Put it all together and, “Yikes MSNBC building and Manhattan, you may be next”.

  9. soupdog says:

    I couldn't agree with Gen. Scales more. The enemy hides with civilians and uses civilians for cover. If we can't fight for victory through all means necessary, bring all our troops home.

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  11. MacDavid says:

    This is me verbalizing my inner dialogue of conflict in my head and heart… (thinking)

    I obviously advocate erring on the side of life and avoiding civilian casualties. But I often wonder, what is being thought by the troops and their commander officers in the heat of the battle with very messy and confusing non-conventional tactics by the enemy?

    Further, I find it hard for anyone to be dogmatic about anything here, outside of always trying to save lives–the kicker is you gotta kill to save those lives, otherwise the soldier dies if not in the process of saving a life. Withdraw troops, potential death. Stay, death. Look the other way, death. Is there some magical option that doesn't end in death?

    So I guess my question is, who wants to be in charge of choosing who lives and who dies, and how they die? Anyone? And the people who have settled on any one decision regarding this war–both wars even–are demonized. What the hell kind of incoherency is this!!!???

    Lastly, how can I–one lone American civilian–help mold or shape this situation in the Middle East in any way, apart from doing nothing? …my biggest question of all.

  12. jkolak says:

    The Taliban were fighting a civil war before we got involved. Only 3 countries recognized the Taliban as Afghanistan's legitimate government, and 2 of those 3 withdrew their recognition after 9/11.

    We came in on the side of those who were fighting the Taliban. We did not invade like we did in Iraq. We are now part of an International Security Assistance Force trying to give security and stability to the country while it rebuilds itself. The Taliban are the destabilizers here, and the people who suffer under their rule wherever they have been in control are glad to be rid of them.

  13. Richard Dugan says:

    If the tactics needed to ensure the safety of our troops are at odds with the tactics needed to ensure the safety of the civilians we are claiming to liberate, then it sounds like we have a choice between two bad strategies.

    Increased collateral damage will not bring democracy.

  14. MeriJon says:

    no it doesn't Richard. It is simply WAR, which is UGLY and HARSH. What you have to decide is if your for protecting America and American Lives…. PERIOD!!!

  15. MeriJon says:

    Without GOOD REASON????? Your either an idiot or you are just majorly uninformed. Words like yours make me sick because we should be united against our enemy, not fighting each other putting each other down all the time. Why can't you see the mess that has been made by liberals.. If you don't see it now just wait, the start of the fall of America, is on it's way. What will you do without your video games…. etc…. WAKE UP!

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