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Tell the House Armed Services Committee to read Eikenberry’s warning.
Posted by Derrick Crowe on February 2nd, 2010

The New York Times recently published the full text of U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry’s memo to President Obama detailing his deep reservations about sending more troops to Afghanistan. The White House ignored his warnings and sent troops anyway.

With the House Armed Services Committee set to begin the 2011 Defense Department budget process on Wednesday, it’s essential that its members read Eikenberry’s warnings about the dangers of deepening U.S. military involvement in the Afghanistan war.

Sign our petition to the House Armed Services Committee:

petition @HASCDemocrats @HASCRepublicans to read the Eikenberry cables. RT to sign #actly

After President Obama announced a troop surge despite Eikenberry’s warnings, The New York Times reported that:

Without offering details, Mr. Eikenberry has said in public hearings since then that his concerns have been dealt with, and that he supported the White House’s troop increase plan. But it is not clear what might have changed about his assessment…

The Eikenberry documents spell out in detail why a military strategy in Afghanistan is the wrong approach. HASC members should write strong language into the 2011 Defense budget that requires the Pentagon to begin withdrawing our troops by July 2011. Sign the petition today.

Next steps: Join our Twitter vigil against the Afghanistan war!

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  1. seriously55 says:

    Biden is not Jewish. Stop playing the blame the jew game.

  2. Bob Hauser says:

    Excuse me but there is some debate as to whether Biden is jewish despite the fact that he was raised as a Roman Catholic…history is saturated with jews who “converted” to Catholicism, in fact they were known as “conversos”.So the fact that he was raised as a mackerel snapper doesn't prove a damned thing. FYI this is not a “game” as you so vacuously put it…this is a matter of national survival which is not a spectator sport and even if Biden is demonstrably not jewish any more than the greed-hog white trash gentile, Cheney, whose guts I solemnly hate, the fact is that like Obama, he is just a stooge, a throwaway tool, for the jews and Israel. The jews and Israel are guilty of plenty enough and deserve to be called out on it whether you are comfortable with that or not. The wasteland of American pol is stricken enough with self-serving gentile gilt edged white trash like Bush, Cheney and Clinton….but they are grossly outnumbered by and flatly in the sway of jews, AIPAC and Israel whether you have the bowel tract to face that ugly fact of life in this palsied country or not. The United States government is saturated with JEWROT and their shabez goy lackeys like the current prez and all previous throughout the last century…end of report.

  3. [...] In Afghanistan the Taliban power has increased, so the new administration is escalating the occupation. Obama thinks that this policy will work and withdrawal can happen by the summer of 2011. Cole mentions that this will be a challenge, because of corruption, levels of poverty and violence. So, Cole thinks that Afghanistan is a big question mark. This seems to be a bit of an understatement, since there is growing criticism around Obama’s Afghan policy, both from independent analysts to people within his own administration. [...]

  4. The White House ignored his warnings and sent troops anyway.

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  6. Deborah Morgan says:

    War, the constant evil that never goes away, only changes form. With the war on terror, we should stay home, enforce our laws and be aware, at all times that “If something doesn't look right, it probably isn't”, always communicate suspicious behavior to the authorities. We can't win a Global war in Iraq or Afghanistan, get out now, save our you men and women from further damage. dex

  7. Ford Spares says:

    How god damned comatose can the people in this country be?

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