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Democrats too liberal? I don’t think so.

Posted by Peace Action West on March 19th, 2010

From our partners at Peace Action West

Democrats are polling dismally right now, and they’re learning all the wrong lessons. Even after their military surge, even after delaying the closure of the Guantánamo Bay prison, even while considering the use of military commissions to try terror suspects, some Democrats are arguing that they are being too liberal. Incredible.

You’re contribution to Peace Action West’s Election Campaign today would be a bit fat reality check to those pro-war Democrats and Republicans. Can you click here to pitch in?

Thank goodness, there are a handful of true progressives running for Congress with their heads on straight. They realize we’d see a resurgence of the progressive excitement that took Congress and the White House in 2008 if they actually started delivering real change.

Take Marcy Winograd, who is putting up a strong peace challenge in the Democratic primary to a previously untouchable Rep. Jane Harman (CA-36) in Los Angeles. Winograd is making an issue of Rep. Harman’s record of staunch support for the war in Iraq, and forcing her to fight for her party’s nomination. For too long politicians like Jane Harman have coasted through elections, and have not had to answer for their reckless support for war. This year is a chance to change that, and with your help, we can make an issue out of war in the 2010 elections. Please click here to give what you can today.

We know how transformative this kind of work can be. In 2008, we helped Al Franken deliver a reality check to out of touch Republican Norm Coleman in the Senate. With your help, we replaced Coleman’s vote for aggression (for instance, he wanted to officially label a branch of Iran’s government a terrorist organization) with Franken’s vote for peace and justice. In his first year, Sen. Franken wrote and helped pass a bill that paves the way to holding military contractors like Blackwater accountable when their employees commit rape. Can you help us get to work today?

If we are to stop paying billions we don’t have for wars that don’t work, and shape a smarter American approach to solving global problems, then we have to elect representatives that will go the distance for peace.

That’s reality, and thank you for helping us make sure politicians know it.

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to “Democrats too liberal? I don’t think so.”

  1. philsarazen says:

    We are in a new era: Peace can only come with the elimination of hate
    We do not want to win the war in Afghanistan or anywhere else, where some of the people of that country believe the West has no right to be there. The Western civilization’s long history of military presence, use of weapons against local people inside that country has created such a sense of animosity that some people are now willing to be suicide bombers. Free willed suicide bombing is quite a recent development in modern warfare [the Japanese pilots had to be strapped into their plans, this form of warfare began just after Sharon’s entrance into a Muslim Mosque he was not invited to. The peace movement saw the writing on the wall but was not persistent and sophisticated enough to bring peace.
    We have entered into a new world order that has been created by technologies of mass murder.
    We should not have to explain details about our total inability to protection the population here in North America and Europe. There are many, many ways a small team of people. Sometimes only three can slip by any national security personal and system and murder hundreds of millions of people. All they have to do is to: 1. want this to happen; 2.spend the time studying at university libraries, laboratories and 3. occasionally surfing the Internet from cities afar and wearing a Vail.
    Presently we have people in occupied countries thinking they must put their efforts into chasing the infidels out of their country and that THEY MUST FIGHT ALONGSIDE THEIR PEOPLE. If we win the war in Afghanistan they will direct their animosity to the Western homelands, U.S., Britain, Canada and anyone else. In today’s high tech world those foolish-arrogant enough to use weaponry to gain their political agenda will pay dearly.
    We ride our high horses and say that we are on a mission to raise the standards of women in the countries we have invaded. For ages foreigners have invaded and used the women and children against the efforts of the local communities to rid themselves of foreign interference. In opposition to the invading forces a culture has developed that we see as against the interests of women, they see it as part of their war against occupation. What we are doing is exacerbating the cultural strait-jacket women are in the occupied Muslim countries. Mark my words it will be a team of women who will make Osama look like a kid in the sandbox unless we get off our high horses and walk into people s lands with bare feet and with an apology that they can accept.
    Go home when you are not wanted

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