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77 Percent of Brits want an Afghan withdrawal
Posted by on April 18th, 2010

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By Steve Hynd

From the Telegraph:

While the conflict has been a running political theme for the last five years, it has barely been mentioned as an issue during the first two weeks of the general election campaign.

An opinion poll yesterday showed that more than three-quarters of voters support the withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan.

The Com Res poll found that 77 per cent wanted troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan, while more than half thought that the presence of troops there put British streets at greater risk from terrorism.

Meanwhile, the three main parties have been squabbling over whether Brown's government provided enough equipment to British troops involved in this mis-conceived occupation. Has there ever been a clearer example of democracy NOT working in the UK?

Still, the Torygraph hints that Nick Clegg might be about to stir up the anthill.

Last summer, during the bloodiest period of the conflict when seven British soldiers lost their lives in seven days during Operation Panther’s Claw, Mr Clegg became the first party leader to break the consensus on the mission in Afghanistan.

He warned that young lives were being “thrown away,” and, while he said that the Liberal Democrats still supported British involvement in the conflict, he urged the Government to think again about the tactics “before it’s too late.”

The party’s manifesto says that Liberal Democrats are “critical supporters” of the Afghanistan campaign.

Clegg should listen to the people and turn his party into critical NON-supporters of the Afghan occupation.

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  1. Hero says:

    All 3 parties may as well be working for the same evil Illuminati organisation with their support for invading nations. The terrorist threat is a fraud and we all know it!

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