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Like putting lipstick on a war

Posted by Peace Action West on May 20th, 2010

From our partners at Peace Action West

A congressional staffer told me months ago that she feared that the war funding bill would get loaded up with “Haiti relief and jobs and puppies and sunshine,” making it difficult for some antiwar representatives to vote no. She wasn’t that far off.

The $33 billion bill to pay for the escalation in Afghanistan is now a massive $59 billion bill that puts real needs on the line, so progressives feel forced to support the bill.  It includes everything from Haiti relief to oil spill cleanup to compensation for veterans exposed to Agent Orange. Sen. Tom Harkin is planning to offer an amendment to add another $23 billion to prevent layoffs of teachers. Funding for this misguided war should pass or fail on its own merits. Tell your senators and representative to vote no on war funding and support setting a timeline for withdrawal of US troops.

Earlier this week, the 1,000th US soldier died serving in Afghanistan. Afghan casualties caused by NATO forces are up 76% this year and Afghans are protesting in the streets. Civilians are fleeing Marja because the US can’t protect them after the supposedly successful offensive there. What is our tax money buying?

Republicans are threatening to vote against this massive funding package, which means the heat will be on antiwar Democrats to give the leadership the deciding votes to pass this bill. If Congress is to support real needs like stopping teacher layoffs in our school systems, they can do it without dressing up funding for an ugly war. We need to show that opposition to this war is growing in Congress and will only get stronger. Click here to tell your senators and representative that enough is enough.

I have heard from congressional offices that they are just not hearing from voters about Afghanistan. With your help, we are changing that. So far this year, we have already generated more than 15,000 messages and phone calls to Congress calling for a better approach. If we want Congress to act, we must build a movement to make them act. Take action today.

Thank you for being a part of that movement.

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