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Devastating critique of the Liberal Class by Liberal Chris Hedges
Posted by The Agonist on October 27th, 2010

From our partners at The Agonist

In a recent post showing an incantation of the spirit of Eugene Debs vs. the War, Michael Collins asked, “Who would dare say this today?” Almost by mistake, I found the answer to his question in the following embedded link. I would highly recommend setting aside the time to watch this erudite and devastating critique of the liberal class–from the perspective of a liberal. The time spent would be far more productive than the equivalent surfing the internet or listening to pundits while washing the dishes. And it’s more persuasive than anything you’re likely to read or watch for the next week.

The takeaway quotes are as follows:

We have to remember that it is not our job to take power. That is not our job. Our job is to remain fast around moral imperatives that we do not compromise on.

It is our job to defend a dispossessed working class. It is our job to defend sick children. It is our job to defend those who are being tortured, abused, and killed, in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan because of our rapacious and out-of-control war economy.

And we have to be willing to get up and make personal sacrifices on behalf of these moral imperatives even if at first we become pariahs. That is the only hope left.

Anybody who is foolish enough that going to a ballot box at this point, and voting for a Democratic candidate is going to change anything, I think is living in a universe that is as non-reality based as the Christian right.

And if we can recover that ethic. If we can understand that rebellion or resistance is a way to safeguard our own integrity, our own individuality. If we can look down the long term, and say maybe not in our own lifetime. But we can carry this for the generations that come after.

Then I think we can speak about hope.

If we refuse to do this, if we remain passive and complacent, then I think both our Nation, and finally the ecosystem that sustains human life, is doomed.

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