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FACTBOX-U.S. military assesses Afghanistan war
Posted by The Agonist on November 24th, 2010

From our partners at The Agonist

Nov 22

Reuters – The U.S. military has released a new report assessing the campaign in Afghanistan, where Western forces are battling an expanding Taliban insurgency.

Below are highlights from the report, which the Pentagon must submit to Congress twice a year. The findings cover the period from April 1 to Sept. 30, 2010.

Full Report here
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* The Pentagon said the arrival of fresh troops this year in Afghanistan coincided with a surge in violence.

* It found all types of violent incidents in Afghanistan increased from April through September, up 300 percent from 2007, except for the use of roadside bombs.

* Following pressure from U.S. leaders, the number of civilian casualties caused by foreign forces fell during the report period, the Pentagon found.

* The focus of NATO operations remained in southern Afghanistan, “protecting the most threatened population in the heart of the Taliban-led insurgency in Helmand and Kandahar provinces,” the report said.

* Afghan police and army are recruiting new members but illiteracy and an insufficient number of officers remain a challenge in efforts to build up local security forces.

* The Pentagon found that the Afghan Interior Ministry was seen as “not being able to accomplish its mission without significant coalition assistance.”


* In a stern assessment, the U.S. military questioned the Afghan government’s commitment to fighting corruption.

* The Pentagon said, “Afghan government intentions to combat sub-national governance corruption remain unclear,” citing government intervention in anti-corruption cases or efforts.

* “Corruption continues to have a corrosive effect on (international) efforts in Afghanistan. Afghan perceptions of injustice and the abuse of power fuel the insurgency in many areas more than the Afghan government’s inability to provide services do,” the report found.


* The Pentagon called improvements to governance and development in Afghanistan a “long-term” endeavor that would require ongoing international assistance.

* Governance across Afghanistan is hindered by corruption and a lack of funding and trained, educated officials.

* The report found extensive preparations for the Sept. 18 parliamentary polls but said concerns remained about the validity of the electoral process.

* The Afghan government is working to improve its revenue collection but is still able to cover only 54 percent of its operating expenditures without outside help.


* The Pentagon said that Pakistan’s ability to defeat insurgents would be impaired in the short term due to the extremist fight it faces at home and to recent flooding.

* While safe havens along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border remain a problem, the Pentagon said that Pakistani military “cooperation and coordination with Afghan and (foreign) forces continues to improve.”

* The Pakistani military recently approved a foreign troop presence in Quetta, Pakistan. U.S. officials declined to elaborate on that statement.

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