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Posted by Peace Action West on December 2nd, 2010

From our partners at Peace Action West

Pelosi petitions

Pile of petitions delivered 12/1/10 to Nancy Pelosi, urging her to speak out against the war in Afghanistan.

One year ago today, President Obama announced his plan to send an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan. In the last twelve months, we have seen 105 billion of our tax dollars and thousands of lives squandered, and no signs of the promised progress.

Last year, President Obama said he would begin a withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2011, but now he wants to extend the war in Afghanistan through at least 2014. This is an outrage. Tell your representatives in Congress to stand up for a real withdrawal.

The situation in Afghanistan just keeps getting worse. 2010 has been the bloodiest year for NATO troops. The US makes blunder after blunder. When do we say enough is enough?

Some members of Congress are already taking a stand. Sixty-one representatives signed a letter to President Obama opposing the extension of the war through 2014 and calling for a safe and orderly withdrawal starting in 2011. This should only be the beginning. We need to make sure that every time President Obama turns around, he is hearing from Congress and the public that extending the war is unacceptable. Click here to take action.

In response to antiwar pressure, President Obama pledged a year ago to begin a withdrawal of troops in July 2011. Now he is showing signs of walking away from that promise. Together, we must keep the pressure going and raise the political cost of continuing this unpopular and unnecessary war. Take action today.

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