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Resources for your March 12 “Rethink the Cost” Meetups

Posted by Derrick Crowe on March 8th, 2011

This Saturday, March 12, people in hundreds of communities across the country and around the world will gather for Rethink the Cost, a worldwide Meetup day organized by Rethink Afghanistan. We’ve put together a list of resources for your groups to use to make sure you have a successful event.


Rethink Afghanistan produced new leaflets to help you get the word out in your local community that the Afghanistan War isn’t making us safer and isn’t worth the cost. If your Meetup group wants to do something immediately on March 12 to make an impact locally, consider printing stacks of these leaflets and distributing them by hand to people in your hometown. Check out the leafleting guide we posted on the Rethink Afghanistan Facebook page for helpful tips as well.


We’ve compiled our war-cost-related Rethink Afghanistan videos into one YouTube playlist. Use videos from this list to spark conversations at your Meetup about the cost of war, or use your Meetup to plan screenings of these videos in your neighborhood.

5 Things You Should Do to Have a Successful Meetup (shamelessly stolen from various places on the Meetup site):

  • Call your venue a day or two in advance and let them know how many people you expect to come. This will prevent any confusion when you get there. And if it’s a place that you’ve never been to before, you might want to stop by sometime before your Meetup to check it out.
  • Get to the venue a little bit early. This will allow you set aside space and get there before any members do.
  • Bring a Meetup table top sign, or something else that helps members find you: name tags, a distinctive t-shirt – something that lets them know who you are.
  • Be welcoming! Be on the lookout for people wandering around looking lost and ask them if they’re here for the Rethink the Cost Meetup. Stand up and shake each attendee’s hand as they arrive and actually say, “Welcome! We’re glad you’re here!”
  • Bring a digital camera (or a cellphone with a good camera) and encourage your members to do the same! That way you can snap a couple of photos and post them to Flickr with the #RethinktheCost or #RethinkAfghanistan tags, which will let us and other Rethinkers across the country see all the fun you had at your Meetup.

We hope this helps! If you’ve not already RSVP’ed for your local Rethink the Cost Meetup, please do! If there’s not a Meetup near you, you still have time to start your own group. See you on Saturday!

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