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When They Stand Up, They Shoot Us
Posted by The Agonist on March 1st, 2012

From our partners at The Agonist

Two more Americans were killed by their Afghan colleagues today in yet another “green on blue” attack. The two soldiers were shot and killed by two Afghan national Army troops and a civilian teacher who worked at the base in Kandahar. It’s been just five days since the last such killing, of two US officers in the heart of the Interior Ministry in Kabul. It’s difficult to get a handle on just how many such attacks there have been since 2002, but last June NATO admitted to 22 since 2005 and in January this year US defense officials gave a figure of 42 since 2007 with 70 ISAF personnel dead and 110 wounded.

Meanwhile, NATO is hassling the Karzai government to agree a strategic partnership deal with the US which will govern the status of US forces in Afghanistan after the faux-withdrawal of 2014. That pact will allow for several thousand US troops to stay in Afghanistan, on several large bases, to train Afghan forces and help with counterterrorism operations.

The last American to die for the Afghan mistake will be a trainer, shot by the guy he was training. Even folks like Fareed Zakaria, who have argued for the post-2014 training mission in the past, realize now that staying is simply prolonging a fantasy.

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