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Magical Syria Unicorn Ponies!

Posted by The Agonist on November 2nd, 2012

From our partners at The Agonist

SecState Clinton’s plan to switch horses in Syria, saying that the US will no longer recognize the SNC and instead will attempt to build its own united opposition leadership is magical thinking of the highest order, as well as colonialist meddling. It is destined to failure. Why? This:

A rebel fighter from Idlib province has blamed the execution of government soldiers on Thursday on a Salafi group that he says are increasingly influential in the area.

…”The Dawood brigade and the Suqur Al-Sham organisation do not answer to any military council affiliated to the FSA. They work independently and have their own leader whom they call Ameer and his name is Abu Issa.

Yesterday we had a demonstration in Jebal al-Zawiyia and we raised banners in response to Hillary Clinton’s statement that Assad’s end is imminent. We said: “al-Qaida arrival’s in Syria is imminent too.”

We do not wish to turn Syria into another Afghanistan, but we can’t stop these extremists groups. We are really worried about the future of Syria. We need weapons and media support, but there is nothing on the ground.

We have four Salafi groups who are fighting in Idlib province. The biggest group is Jabhat al-Nusra which has members all over Syria. There is also the Ansar al-Islam group, the Majless al-Shura group and Suqur al-Sham group.

These Salafi groups are gaining support in Idlib province as they are well equipped unlike the FSA brigades. People also admire their bravery.

They are tough fighters and when they get hold of soldiers, they kill them at once.”

There is no rebel council the US can back which these powerful groups will submit to. Thus, even if the rebels overall win this stage of the civil war, it will only begin the next stage.

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