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Robert Greenwald on The Ed Show: With Bin Laden Dead, It’s Time To Bring Troops Home
MSNBC – May 4, 2011
Roll Call – May 3, 2011
“Politically, it’s an extraordinarily unique opportunity,” said Robert Greenwald, president of Brave New Foundation, the California-based liberal group behind the campaign Rethink Afghanistan, which produces anti-war Web videos and related petitions. “President Obama is about to announce Osama Bin Laden is dead. Click ‘like’ if you think it’s time to get the troops home,” reads a Facebook posting by Greenwald’s group that drew nearly 2,000 supporters within 12 hours after it was posted.Read more.
MSNBC – May 3, 2011
The New York Times – May 2, 2011
Ever since he came into office, President Obama has insisted that our presence in Afghanistan was directly related to the ongoing threat from Al Qaeda. Ten years in, though, the war has no end in sight and dwindling public support. Liberal groups like the Brave New Foundation are already saying that Bin Laden’s death has “ended the rationale” for the war. Read more.
Osama bin Laden’s death sparks questions about Afghanistan war
CBS News – May 2, 2011
“President Obama’s announcement has ended the rationale for the continuation of a 10-year war,” Robert Greenwald of the liberal group Brave New Foundation said in a statement. “The reason as understood by Americans for going into Afghanistan was to get Bin Laden and stop al Qaeda. With al-Qaeda driven from the country and Bin Laden dead, Americans won’t tolerate spending $2 billion a week on this war any longer.” Read the full story at CBS News.
The Huffington Post – April 18, 2011
As Americans breathe a sigh of relief over finally filing the returns on what they owe (or are owed from) Uncle Sam this Tax Day, the progressive group Rethink Afghanistan wants them to consider how much of their money is funding the war in Afghanistan, now in its 10th year. Read the full story.
The New York Times – April 14, 2011
It isn’t every day that liberals like Representative Jim McGovern, a Democrat from Massachusetts, appear at Capitol Hill news conferences with conservative stalwarts like Representative Walter B. Jones, a Republican from North Carolina. Read the full story.
The Boston Globe – April 14, 2011
“This week we are debating a budget that purports to represent new fiscal restraint, yet continues to borrow tens of billions of dollars for the war in Afghanistan,” McGovern said Thursday at an event on Capitol Hill organized by Brave New Foundation, a California-based social justice organization. “I’m tired of being told that we don’t have enough money for education or infrastructure or medical research, but we can afford to spend billions of dollars propping up a corrupt regime in Kabul.”Read the full story.
Katrina Vanden Heuvel, writing for NPR – April 14, 2011
A range of smart groups and allies are pursuing an inside-outside strategy to push these kinds of wiser solutions on the table in our skewed debate. On Thursday, a bipartisan group of Members of Congress and veterans will hold a press conference to discuss Rethink Afghanistan’s War Tax I.O.U. campaign. The campaign features an online tool that calculates the amount of income tax an individual is paying towards the war, and users then receive an “I.O.U.” for that amount. Over 54,000 constituents have forwarded those I.O.U.s to their representatives, urging them to rethink the excessive levels of war spending that are wreaking havoc on the federal budget.Read the full story.
Robert Greenwald Hits Joe Klein’s “Stupid” Afghanistan Comments
on MSNBC’s The Ed Show | January 11, 2011

on MSNBC’s The Ed Show | December 16, 2010

on MSNBC’s The Ed Show | October 7, 2010

on MSNBC’s The Ed Show | July 27 2010

on The Young Turks | July 22 2010

on CNN | June 24 2010

on The Young Turks | June 15 2010

on GRITtv | June 11 2010

by Sahil Kapur at The Raw Story | June 8 2010
On June 7, the day Afghanistan became America’s longest-ever war, the New York Times reported on an ongoing investigation poised to prove that private security companies “are using American money to bribe the Taliban” to fuel combat and thus enhance demand for their services. The news follows a “series of events last month that suggested all-out collusion with the insurgents,” the Times said… Read on
by Nicole Belle at Crooks and Liars | June 7 2010
Frankly, I refuse to call this a “war”. This is and always has been an occupation. Terminology aside, this is not exactly something worth celebrating, but I do think it’s time to re-think Afghanistan… Read on
by Greg Sargent at Washington Post | June 7 2010
Anti-war activists hope to draw attention by pointing out that the Afghanistan war has now dragged on longer than Vietnam… Read on
by Nicole Belle at Crooks and Liars | June 3 2010
FAs of May 30, in addition to the 1000th American GI casualty, the National Priorities Project calculates that we have past the one trillion dollar mark on the invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. One TRILLION dollars, with a T. It’s a hard number to wrap your mind around, as this Google Sketchup illustration demonstrates. It also begs the question: just what have we bought for all that money and what good could have been done with that money instead… Read on
by Simon Owens at Bloggasm | May 28 2010
For the last several years, thousands of blogs — many of which are anti-war — have displayed a small widget on their sidebars with a wildly fluctuating number that jumps up by several thousand nearly every second. The widget comes from and purports to detail the money spent thus far on both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars… Read on
on MSNBC | May 19 2010

on MSNBC | May 15 2010

by Arianna Huffington at Huffington Post | April 22 2010
See if you can identify the bleeding heart liberal who said this: “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children… Read on
on Russia Today | April 12 2010

on The Young Turks | April 8 2010

on MSNBC | April 5 2010

by Andrew McLemore at The Raw Story | March 6 2010
The US military has used drones to attack suspected terrorists in Pakistan since at least 2004. Proponents of the small, unmanned planes say they are capable of “surgical strikes” that reduce civilian casualties and effectively combat terrorism… Read on
on Russia Today | February 17 2010

on The Young Turks | February 5 2010

on Russia Today | January 28 2010

on KPFK | December 24 2009
Thirty years ago today the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and sparked what was to be a 10 year-bloody occupation, claiming the lives of 10,000 Soviet soldiers, and more than a million Afghans… Listen here
by Joe Meyers at Connecticut News | December 22 2009
Greenwald’s latest project, “Rethink Afghanistan,” is a sobering and timely look at the chaos in that country just as President Obama has committed tens of thousands of troops for what he says will be a strictly limited military action… Read on
on C-SPAN | December 15 2009

on MSNBC | December 14 2009

on Russia Today | December 9 2009

by Hank Kalet at Central Jersey | December 8 2009
Robert Greenwald has spent much of the year talking about Afghanistan — with Afghanis, American soldiers and academics and activists in both countries… Read on
on MSNBC | December 1 2009

on Russia Today | December 1 2009

on CNN | December 1 2009

on Democracy now! | November 24 2009
The Obama administration has promised to begin moving the 700 odd men held in the Bagram prison in Afghanistan into a new 60 million dollar facility by next month. But in a video released by Brave New Films, two men who were held in the notorious detention center ask how much of a difference this will make when its unclear why people were arrested in the first place… Watch the video
at Huffington Post | November 18 2009
Matthew Hoh and Daniel Ellsberg recently sat down for a conversation about the war in Afghanistan.
Matthew Hoh made headlines late last month when he resigned from the U.S. State Department… Read on
on RT | November 13 2009

on The Young Turks | November 12 2009

on MSNBC | November 17 2009

on Radio Intifada | November 4 2009
After eight years of U.S. military engagement in Afghanistan, violence and instability still prevail. The military approach to Afghanistan is not succeeding; further application of American military force will not bring stability to the country or security to our own… Listen
on CNN | November 3 2009

by John Roberts at CNN | November 2 2009
Two veterans of the war, Thomas Cotton and Jake Diliberto, will be lobbying Congress on opposite sides of the troop surge divide. They spoke to John Roberts on CNN’s “American Morning” Monday. Below is an edited transcript of that interview… Read on
by Joel Epstein at The Huffington Post | October 20 2009
As anyone who knows me knows, I’ve always had at best an ambivalent relationship with the military. Coming of age as I did during the tail end of the war in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, like many of my generation I have always been highly skeptical of military speak and assertions by the American military leadership that its missions are noble and grand… Read on
on FOX News | October 15 2009

by Jack Neworth at the Santa Monica Daily Press | October 16 2009
Last week I debated writing about serious local, state, national and international world issues, but frankly they were too depressing. Take California for instance (before the state goes in a big garage sale). Since Arnold has been Governator, we’ve slowly gone bankrupt. Actually, not so slowly… Read on
on The Young Turks | October 13 2009

by Spencer Ackerman at the Washington Independent | October 12 2009
As President Obama and his advisers debate strategy for the Afghanistan war and its related crisis in Pakistan, a factor that so far has not intruded on their discussions is emerging: the antiwar movement is showing signs of strength… Read on
by Gail Sheehy at The Daily Beast | October 10 2009
It took documentarian Robert Greenwald 40 years to become an activist, but it was worth the wait, writes Gail Sheehy—his new film about Afghanistan is a clarion call for peace… Read on
by Howie Klein at The Huffington Post | October 9 2009
There aren’t many members of Congress who have traveled extensively out of the country. In his delightful book, Fire-Breathing Liberal, Rep. Robert Wexler marvels at how many of his Republican colleagues seem to think not possessing a passport is a badge of honor!… Read on
at The Journal Star | October 5 2009
Student groups at Illinois State University will stage a screening of “Rethink Afghanistan” at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in Schroeder Hall Room 130. The screening will be followed by a panel of veterans who will share their insight regarding the current U.S. occupation of Afghanistan…. Read on
by Samuel Rubenfeld at The Wall Street Journal | October 7 2009
Today, the Obama administration is having its fourth cabinet-level meeting on what to do about the war in Afghanistan, a conflict now eight years old. As the president and his team decide on a course of action, documentary filmmaker Robert Greenwald has debuted “Rethink Afghanistan,” a politically-minded documentary being released in segments online for free… Read on
on MSNBC | October 06 2009

by John Nichols at The Nation | October 2 2009
The U.S. occupation of Afghanistan has reached its “sell-by…” date. A majority of Americans now tell pollsters the mission was a mistake. Ninety-eight members of the House – including liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans – have cosponsored Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern’s resolution asking the Pentagon to develop an exit strategy. … Read on
in LatinoUSA | September 24 2009
With waning public support, a recent presidential election marred in controversy, and a confidential military assessment leaked to the press in recent weeks, President Obama says he is “weighing option” in terms of the conflict in Afghanistan. Add to this reports that the Taliban is gaining ground in the region, and it’s clear that U.S. interests in the region are at risk… Read on
by Spencer Ackerman at The Washington Journal | September 29 2009, the progressive grassroots action group with five million members, today emailed their supporters to urge them to host a screening of Brave New Foundation’s “Rethink Afghanistan” film. BNF calls the film “a great way to start a dialogue that will help build the movement to end the war.”… Read on
on MSNBC | September 23 2009

on Al-Jazeera | August 31 2009

by James Dao at New York Times | August 29 2009
A restive antiwar movement, largely dormant since the election of Barack Obama, is preparing a nationwide campaign this fall to challenge the administration’s policies on Afghanistan… Read on
by Chris Rusnov at Kennebec Journal | August 26 2009
A country’s security lies in its ability to meet the needs of its citizens — affordable housing, living-wage jobs, health care for all, a clean environment, safe-healthy food and quality education… Read on
on MSNBC | August 21 2009

on MSNBC | June 2009

at The Huffington Post | June 12 2009
Director Robert Greenwald appeared on The Ed Show yesterday to discuss the civilian casualties of war, the fourth segment of Rethink Afghanistan… Read on
by The Take Away | June 3 2009
Dr. Roshanak Wardak has a lot of ideas for repairing Afghanistan. She was a practicing physician for thirty years, then traded her stethoscope for a role as a member of Afghanistan’s parliament… Read on
by NPR | May 10 2009
Why are we in Afghanistan? To destroy the Al-Qaeda? To make sure the Taliban doesn’t get back in power? Both? What is the economic impact of the war on the US economy? And, just what would victory in Afghanistan look like anyway? In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, the question of Afghanistan… Listen to the show (Real Audio)
CNN | April 24 2009

by Caitlin Webber, CQ Politics | April 23 2009
Exactly 38 years after he testified against the Vietnam War before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry , now chairman of that panel, convened Afghanistan war veterans to offer opinions on the future of their generation’s conflict…. Read on
by Olivia Hampton, Wire | April 24 2009
“By the time I left Afghanistan, I felt that the US being there was a big mistake,” retired US Marines corporal Rick Reyes told the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee… Read on
by Spencer Ackerman, Washington Independent | April 24 2009
“By the time I left Afghanistan, I felt that the US being there was a big mistake,” retired US Marines corporal Rick Reyes told the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee… Read on
by Paul Kawika Martin, Peace Action | April 23 2009
“It is important to hear the views of U.S. soldiers at all ranks regarding the occupation of Afghanistan. Senators Kerry and Lugar’s hearing is a good start. The Afghanistan occupation deserves full, robust hearings… Read on
by Brave New Foundation | April 15 2009
On the heels of President Obama’s request for an additional $83.4 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Brave New Foundation is releasing the third part of its documentary feature Rethink Afghanistan which addresses the rising costs of the seven-year conflict… Read on
MSNBC | Mar. 30 2009

by Mark Silva, The Swamp | April 8 2009
If you’re looking for an alternative to the annual Easter Egg roll at the White House, the folks at Brave New Films have one: An Easter-day hunt for eggs containing little toy soldiers and serious questions about the escalating U.S. military commitment in Afghanistan… Listen to the interview
by Ken Bazinet, NY Daily News | April 10 2009
A peace group opposed to President Obama’s troop surge in Afghanistan is handing out 6,000 Easter Eggs this weekend around the Big Apple and Washington, D.C., to try to raise awareness about human rights issues in the war zone… Read on
by Brave New Foundation | Mar. 26 2009
Following the President’s announcement of a comprehensive review of U.S. policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan, film director Robert Greenwald returns to the U.S. tomorrow from a week in Kabul where he collected original footage and interviews for a new feature-length documentary on the conflict…. Read on
on To the Point, NPR | Mar. 26 2009
“President Obama wants to dial down in Iraq and up the ante in Afghanistan. His plan to send 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan is meeting increasing resistance from his liberal supporters at home and skepticism from some allies.”. Features an interview with Rethink Afghanistan director Robert Greenwald .. Read on
by Brian Stelter, New York Times | Mar. 23 2009
The activist filmmaker Robert Greenwald has tried for years to speed up the production process for his documentaries. Now, he says, he is creating one he can release almost immediately, in stages. Mr. Greenwald is showing “Rethink Afghanistan,” a skeptical view of America’s war strategies, in five parts on the Internet, with the implied hope that it will contribute to the foreign policy debate. With the first two parts of the film already online, he arrived in Afghanistan on Sunday to conduct more interviews for what he calls his first “real-time documentary.”… Read on or view paper version (pdf).
by Brave New Films, The Nation | Feb. 5 2009
During his campaign, President Obama argued that the United States needed to transfer the fight from Iraq to Afghanistan in order to capture Osama bin Laden… Read on
Democracy Now! – May 4, 2011
Slate – May 2, 2011
With bin Laden dead, the movement to get out of Afghanistan has a new argument. Capturing or killing the man behind 9/11 was one of the reasons for the war. Now that it’s done, it’s time to get out. Read the full story.
Variety – April 15, 2011
Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films has been one of the earliest and most consistent industry critics of President Obama’s continuation of the war in Afghanistan, and his org now is tying the cost of the conflict with the ongoing budget debate. Read the full story.
Uprising Radio – April 14, 2011
Americans are rushing to file their taxes by the midnight deadline on Monday while the political divide over how to best spend their precious tax dollars deepens. However a bi-partisan group of members of Congress are uniting today to demand cuts to one budget area that made it through the recent budget battles relatively unscathed – war spending. To make their point the members of Congress teamed up with Veterans for Rethinking Afghanistan and ReThink Afghanistan, the organizers of the War IOU campaign. ReThink Afghnistan has made it possible for individuals to calculate their estimated tax contribution to the Afghanistan war and send that total to their member of congress with the demand to give it back. Read the full story.
The Huffington Post – April 14, 2011
Yesterday, as President Obama offered his budget, he both failed and succeeded. What Obama failed to say was that we are currently wasting lives and billions of dollars in Afghanistan on a strategy that fails to make us any safer. Today, I am joining with some fiscal conservatives and Republican members of Congress at a “ReThink Afghanistan” press conference. We don’t agree on a lot of other budget issues, but we are united in our belief that we are wasting lives and money with misguided strategy in Afghanistan. For those who truly care about the deficit, I believe this is the first place we should start cutting. Read the full story.
Press TV – April 14, 2011
Opposition is growing against long-term US military presence in Afghanistan as some Congressmen say Washington should withdraw its troops from the country and fix the economy instead. Read the full story.
The Huffington Post – April 14, 2011
The group Rethink Afghanistan, meanwhile, has created a war calculator, allowing users to figure out how much of their federal income taxes went to pay for the war in Afghanistan this past year. They can then send the information directly to their lawmakers. Read the full story.
News Hounds – January 16, 2011
Robert Greenwald and our friends at Brave New Foundation (with whom we remain proud to be associated) have a new video as part of their Rethink Afghanistan campaign. This one takes a look at what Martin Luther King would think of the war in Afghanistan. Hint: He would not have approved. Read the full story.
RT, December 31, 2010
Founder of Brave New Films Robert Greenwald says, “We have only seen the situation get worse and fortunately the public opposition has increased. When I went to Afghanistan, when I interviewed people there for our re-think Afghanistan films and for our re-think Afghanistan videos, it’s the third poorest country in the world. Literally, when you step of the plane and you see that extraordinary poverty it is very clear that we are trying to militarize a problem that won’t be solved by occupying that won’t be solved by killing people. The terrible pain of this is there is so much we could be doing with the billions of dollars that we are wasting in a truly unconscionable fashion.” Read the full story.
The Moderate Voice | December 15, 2010
Saint Petraeus and the Obama Administration say things are looking up in Afghanistan the intelligence community says it’s not.  Derrick Crowe and Robert Greenwald have a must read post over at Newshoggers that gives us a reality check. Read the full story.
AFP | August 26, 2010
War opponent Derrick Crowe, political director of the Brave New Foundation, said that generals were “actively working to shape a political environment that constrains the president’s choices in a way that is very close to being insubordinate.” Read the full story.
on Nicole Sandler Show | June 22 2010
We’ll wrap things up with an in-depth look at McChrystal– going back to his plan for covering up the real cause of Pat Tillman’s death, the leaking of his plan during last year’s policy review, and more – with Derrick Crowe of Brave New Films and Rethink Afghanistan. Brave New Films has launched a petition on facebook calling on McChrystal to resign. Sign on and pass it along!… Listen Here
by Ted Johnson at Variety | June 22 2010
Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films is calling on Gen. Stanley McChrystal to resign and the producer-activist has launched a petition drive, saying that his comments reported in Rolling Stone have “undermined the Office of the President of the United States… Read on
on MSNBC | June 22 2010

on Russia Today | June 16 2010

on MSNBC | June 7 2010

by Bill Bradley at Vanity Fair | June 7 2010
As of today, June 7, 2010, the war in Afghanistan has lasted 104 months, surpassing Vietnam as the longest war in American history. American forces invaded Afghanistan in October 2001, Kabul fell that November, and America’s attention shifted to the war in Iraq. It wasn’t until after the 2007 troop surge in Iraq and, after that, the 2008 election that America refocused its attention on Afghanistan, but our troops were there all along… Read on
by Zach Carter at Media Consortium | June 1 2010
Congress just approved an additional $60 billion in funding for the war in Afghanistan, while refusing to provide a $28 billion for teachers in the name of deficit reduction. Congress has officially spent $1 trillion on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as Robert Greenwald notes for AlterNet, wars which have done little to improve either U.S. economic or foreign policy goals… Read on
on GRITtv | May 20 2010
One thousand American troops have been killed in Afghanistan, officially surpassing the death toll in Iraq. Perhaps these numbers are beginning to elucidate how this costly and bloody war is doing the opposite of securing American security. Brave New Films presents 1,000 Dead Americans to commemorate these losses in hope that this horrific sacrifice will inspire a change in public opinion.

by Jason Linkins at Huffington Post | May 18 2010
A suicide bomb attack in Kabul overnight claimed the lives of 18 people, including five U.S. servicemen. This attack pushed the war effort in Afghanistan past one of those grim milestones… Read on
by Darcy Burner at Huffington Post | May 6 2010

For Mother’s Day I’d like to make an observation, which is this: the sun rises and sets on my 7-year-old son, Henry. Now you may or may not agree (though most who have met him can see my point); you may think I’m biased (though such bias is clearly defensible as fundamental to motherhood). But I would swim an ocean, cross a desert, move a mountain, even talk to a roomful of strangers to give him the opportunities he deserves in his life. And really, what mother wouldn’t? We are fierce beasts.

My boy can’t afford these wars we’re embroiled in, and neither can the other children in our country. What they are costing us in blood and treasure is damaging his future, a concern I share with many other mothers… Read on

by Dan Froomkin at Huffington Post | April 29 2010
The video is haunting: Three Afghan men are dancing in joy, whirling, clapping, throwing their arms in the air. One has just had a baby boy. There is music in the air. The whole extended family has gathered to celebrate. Hours later, two of the men lie dead, shot and killed by U.S. troops, the victims of a deeply disturbing massacre and cover-up that the White House, Congress and the United Nations continue to ignore… Read on
by Dan Froomkin at Huffington Post | April 22 2010
An Afghan scholar who survived the Feb. 12 massacre of five members of his family at the hands of U.S. special operations forces is calling on President Obama to judge for himself whether he is bringing “peace or murder” to the Afghan people… Read on
by David Damron at Orlando Sentinel | April 15 2010
What would happen if the estimated $476.5 million in Orlando area tax dollars spent on the war in Afghanistan were diverted to needs back home: as many as 8,148 in clean energy jobs could be created. That’s the April 15 tax-return deadline message of the Brave New Foundation group and members of Congress they lined up who share that concern, including U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Orlando… Read on
by Dan Froomkin at Huffington Post | April 15 2010
How many tax dollars from your community have gone to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? And how else could that money have been spent… Read on
by Sam Stein at Huffington Post | April 8 2010
Over the past few weeks, the news out of Afghanistan and Iraq has been pretty grim. Abstruse and bizarre comments from Afghan President Hamid Karzai troubled America’s diplomatic community; violence followed the election of Iraqi president Iyad Allawi; and a leaked, two-year-old video showing the killing of civilians in New Baghdad raised fundamental questions about U.S. military policy… Read on
on MSNBC | March 29 2010

on MSNBC | March 19 2010

on Russia Today | February 15 2010

on Huffington Post | February 8 2010
“Blackwater Worldwide’s legal woes haven’t dimmed the company’s prospects in Afghanistan, where it’s a contender to be a key part of President Barack Obama’s strategy for stabilizing the country,” the AP reported recently… Read on
by Nicholas Graham at Huffington Post | February 3 2010
Many people are skeptical of President Obama’s escalation of the war in Afghanistan, sending an additional 30,000 troops there in an effort to boost US counterinsurgency efforts. One of the most prominent skeptics is the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, Karl Eikenberry… Read on
by Samuel Axon at Mashable | January 27 2010
An organization called Rethink Afghanistan has executed a widespread war protest on the White House’s Facebook page… Read on
by Laurie Essig at True/Slant | December 24 2009
Even if the British Empire survives, it is pretty clear that the American Empire, like the Soviets before them, will collapse under the weight of the endless war in Afghanistan. A recent video from Rethink Afghanistan makes that clear… Read on
by Dan Robinson at Voice of America | December 15 2009
Members of the U.S. Congress received a classified briefing on Wednesday on the war in Afghanistan from two Obama administration officials – Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. At the same time on Capitol Hill, a Democratic lawmaker and anti-war activists spoke out against President Barack Obama’s U.S. troop surge in Afghanistan… Read on
by Ryan Grim and Jeff Muskus at Huffington Post | December 15 2009
Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) has pulled together a group of five Republicans and eight Democrats who plan to introduce a special resolution on the House floor compelling the president to comply with the War Powers Act as he wages war in Afghanistan… Read on
on Russia Today | December 14 2009

by Chris Black at New York Times | December 11 2009
When the Obama administration last week rolled out its new strategy for the war in Afghanistan, it competed for media coverage with White House gate crashers and Tiger Wood’s indiscretions, along with the Senate debate on health care reform, its more worthy and relevant adversary for our attention… Read on
by Joanna Buickians at Pasadena Weekly| December 10 2009
Jake Diliberto, who served with the Marines in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan a month after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and then in Iraq, doesn’t like talking about his own battlefield experiences in either theater of the War on Terror. Perhaps that explains why the 27-year-old Diliberto is today leading a charge among veterans of the ongoing conflicts to stop the deployment of 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, which President Barack Obama called for last week…. Read on
on Wilshire & Washington | December 4 2009
Our guest for today’s show is filmmaker and activist Robert Greenwald, whose Brave New Films routinely puts out both short- and long-form progressive political videos. His documentaries include Outfoxed, Iraq for Sale, and his current project Rethink Afghanistan. Join hosts Ted Johnson, Maegan Carberry, and Teresa Valdez-Klein as we tackle Obama’s Afghanistan surge, his Bush-like speech, and the way forward. Listen
on Telemundo | December 1 2009

by Tom Hayden at CBS News| December 2 2009
Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan is the last in a string of disappointments. His flip-flopping acceptance of the military coup in Honduras has squandered the trust of Latin America. His Wall Street bailout leaves the poor, the unemployed, minorities, and college students on their own. And now comes the Afghanistan-Pakistan decision to escalate the stalemate, which risks his domestic agenda, his Democratic base, and possibly even his presidency… Read on
by Louis Sahagun at Los Angeles Times | December 2 2009
Members of an antiwar advocacy group worry about the toll the buildup will have on their loved ones. When the president insisted that the days of funding a war “with a blank check are over,” one woman scoffed, “Yeah, right.”… Read on
at Huffington Post | December 1 2009
While much of the debate about Afghanistan here in the States has been focused on how to adjust the U.S.’s war strategy, the latest video from the Rethink Afghanistan project takes a look at the other side of the equation by talking to Afghan citizens about their hopes for the future… Read on
on MSNBC | November 24 2009

by Ryan Grim at Huffington Post | November 24 2009
Abdul Raqeeb, a former prisoner held for two years by US forces in Afghanistan, is speaking out against his brutalization at the hands of his captors… Read on
on The Thom Hartmann Program | November 15 2009

at Uprising Radio | November 12 2009
After months of meetings, President Barack Obama is expected to announce a decision to increase troop numbers in Afghanistan… Read on
at Huffington Post | November 17 2009
Former CIA officer and author Robert Baer argues that “Afghanistan is a quagmire that everyone wants us in,” in a new video segment from the Brave New Foundation’s “Rethink Afghanistan” project… Read on
by Mike Copass, Liberty One Radio | November 14 2009
While the Administration mulls four different levels of troop escalation in Afghanistan, the California Democratic Party today presented a very different position, as the party took a step towards rejecting any further U.S. military expansion in the war-torn Central Asian republic… Read on
on RT | November 3 2009

on RT | November 10 2009

by Robert Dodge MD, Truthout | November 8 2009
President Obama is reviewing the way forward in Afghanistan. His decision will define his presidency much as Vietnam defined the legacy of President Johnson’s presidency in the 1960s… Read on
by Jen Dimascio at Politico | November 5 2009
With a White House decision on the direction of the war in Afghanistan still up in the air, and President Barack Obama considering whether to send as many as 40,000 additional U.S. troops, veterans groups on opposite sides of the debate are storming Capitol Hill this week to sway congressional opinion… Read on
by Scott Horton at Anti-War Radio | October 24 2009
President Barack Obama still remains a very popular figure in Hollywood. Showbiz names have lined up for his service initiatives, donors fill Democratic Party coffers and even some of his likely critics from the left, such as Michael Moore, have softened their bite… Read on
by Ted Johnson at Politico | October 26 2009
Robert Greenwald, producer of the documentary Rethink Afghanistan, discusses the false premise used to justify the war in Afghanistan, the usefulness of breaking down war costs into broadly understandable terms, why war opponents need to speak out to their Congressional Representatives and the failure of the occupying forces in their mission (some would say) to liberate Afghan women. Listen
by Terri Kleckner at Central Florida Future | October 21 2009
About 30 students and patrons hovering over drinks and hookahs gathered Monday night at Natura Coffee & Tea for a viewing of the new documentary Rethink Afghanistan. Robert Greenwald’s film discussed the staggering costs of the Afghan war. … Read on
by Siun at FireDogLake | October 19 2009
Rethink Afghanistan combines footage from Greenwald’s own trip to Afghanistan earlier this year with interviews with key experts like Robert Grenier, former CIA station chief in Islamabad, Pakistan, former CIA operative Robert Baer, Graham Fuller, the former CIA station chief in Kabul, Anand Gopal, the Afghanistan correspondent of The Wall Street Journal and Steve Coll, author of the Pulitzer winning book on Al Qaeda, Ghost Wars… Read on
by John Catalinotto at Workers World | October 12 2009
Afghan toddlers made internal refugees by U.S. bombing raids standing barefoot in cold mud, eventually to die from malnutrition and exposure; Afghan women in political protest calling their fate worse now in war than under Taliban rule; Afghan women keening over their lost children, brothers and spouses; relatives, neighbors, homes and domestic animals blown apart. These pictures bring the reality of war for the Afghan people home to U.S. audiences… Read on
by Arianna Huffington at The Huffington Post | October 14 2009
Joe Biden met with CENTCOM chief Gen. David Petraeus this morning to talk about Afghanistan — an issue that has pushed the vice president into the spotlight, landing him on the cover of the latest Newsweek. I have an idea for how he can capitalize on all the attention, and do what generations to come will always be grateful for: resign… Read on
GRITtv | October 5 2009

by DemocracyNow! | October 2 2009
As the eighth anniversary of the US-led bombing of Afghanistan draws closer, the Obama administration continues to debate the best way to fight this ongoing war. Senate Democrats voted Thursday to delay a congressional briefing by General Stanley McChrystal, the top US commander in Afghanistan… Read on
by Byron York at the Washington Examiner | October 7 2009
Democratic Rep. Donna Edwards, a vice chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, attended the premiere of the anti-war film, “Rethink Afghanistan” in Washington last night. In remarks afterward, Edwards quoted a House colleague, whom she did not identify, saying anti-war Democrats must work to rescue President Obama from his commitment to escalate the war in Afghanistan… Read on
by Kathleen Miller at The Raw Story | October 7 2009
The left-wing filmmaker behind a documentary that questions U.S. policy in Afghanistan says he “took a lot of grief” and lost progressive donors when he began making the movie “Rethink Afghanistan.”… Read on
by John Nichols at The Nation | October 6 2009
President Obama, who is under pressure from the Pentagon and defense contractors to surge 40,000 additional U.S. troops into occupied Afghanistan, met Tuesday with members of Congress to discuss the sorry state of the mission and its uncertain future… Read on
by Jeremy Scahill at RebelReports | October 5 2009
Perhaps more than any other major corporate news outlet, The New York Times played a central role in promoting the Bush administration’s fraudulent case for the invasion and occupation of Iraq. The “reporting” of Judith Miller and Michael Gordon basically served as a front-page fiction laundering factory for Dick Cheney’s fantasy of a “mushroom cloud” threat from Saddam Hussein looming on the immediate horizon, topped off with a celebratory slice of yellowcake… Read on
by Peter Rothberg at The Nation | October 2 2009
Within a matter of months a majority of Americans have shifted from supporting to opposing the Afghanistan war as we approach the eighth anniversary of the start of the conflict. According to recent polls, a solid 57 percent of Americans now object to the military effort… Read on
by Ryan Grim at The Huffington Post | September 30 2009
As President Obama comes under increasing pressure to exit Afghanistan after eight years of war – or at least to come up with a credible strategy – a new film seeks to push him toward the door. Rethink Afghanistan — part documentary, part political campaign — premieres this week…. Read on
by Live From the Left Coast | September 22 2009
Director Robert Greenwald discusses the theatrical premiere of Rethink Afghanistan and much more. Listen
by Spencer Ackerman on The Washington Independent | September 4 2009
by Malou Innocent Foreign Policy Analyst at the Cato Institute on Huffington Post | September 4 2009
by CubaDebate | August 25 2009
La posibilidad de que civiles estadounidenses serán asesinados en ataques terroristas en el futuro se está incrementando debido a la guerra en Afganistán, de acuerdo con expertos norteamericanos… Read on
on FOX News | August 18 2009

by Marcus Baram at Huffington Post | August 23 2009
In a powerful new documentary, “Security” from the Rethink Afghanistan project, three former high-ranking CIA agents explain why the war in Afghanistan is making the world more dangerous, rather than safer, for Americans…. Read on
by Jeff Stein at CQ Politics | July 8 2009
A new poll says liberal support for President Obama’s war strategy in Afghanistan is “cratering” — down 20 points since he took office in January… Read on
on Telemundo | July 2009

at The Nation | July 8 2009
George W. Bush used the plight of the women of Afghanistan as justification for invasion, and afterward trumpeted their freedom as a major success. But day-to-day life for Afghan women has not improved… Read on
by Ellen at News Hounds | June 21 2009
Brave New Films producer/director Robert Greenwald (with whom we remain proud to be affiliated) writes, “Well-reasoned foreign policy results in more housing and jobs, better health care and education… Read on
by Ryan Grim at Huffington Post | June 17 2009
Civilians continue to be killed by American and coalition forces as the war in Afghanistan stretches into its eighth year with no end in sight… Read on
by Katrina vanden Heuvel at The Nation | June 16 2009
Just a few minutes ago, the Obama Administration’s $106 billion war supplemental passed on the House floor by a vote of 226-202. Congressional Democrats who oppose military escalation were in a tough position… Read on
on Radio Islam | June 16 2009
Marine Cpl Jake Diliberto speaks to Radio Islam about founding an Afghan Vet organization titled “Vets Rethinking Afghanistan” which now is comprised of former vets who are opposed to the troop escalation and war time supplemental… Listen
by Ryan Grim, Huffington Post | June 2 2009
Predator drone attacks that continue to kill civilians are undermining the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan, a member of that country’s parliament charged Tuesday in Washington, D.C…. Read on
by Rick Reyes, The Nation | May 18 2009
I was on liberty in Australia, dancing at a club I can’t remember sometime around midnight, when it happened. The music shut off and an announcement came on: “America is under attack. Head back to your ships.” This was the worst–the impossible. This was September 11, 2001. …. Read on
Marisa Treviño, Latina Lista | May 16 2009
Rick Reyes joined the Marine Corps in 2000. He served in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2001 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 as an Infantry Rifle Man…. Read on
Foon Rhee, Boston Globe | May 13 2009
Representative James McGovern of Massachusetts, who has launched the only effort in the US House to oppose President Obama’s plans for the Afghan war, received an unexpected boost of support today from a group of Afghan and Iraqi war veterans, who raced around Capitol Hill lobbying for his bill… Read on
by Farah Stockman, Boston Globe | April 24 2009
One held the hand of a dying fellow soldier and told himself that the sacrifice would not be in vain. Another watched an Afghan tribal leader risk his life to seek US protection for his village – only to be told that it was not possible…. Read on
by CNN | April 24 2009
Veterans of the war in Afghanistan appeared before a Senate committee Thursday, sharing stories of success and failure in the nearly eight-year conflict while offering sharply differing opinions of the current U.S. military and diplomatic strategy… Read on
by Brendan McGarry, Army Times | April 24 2009
Veterans of the war in Afghanistan appeared before a Senate committee Thursday, sharing stories of success and failure in the nearly eight-year conflict while offering sharply differing opinions of the current U.S. military and diplomatic strategy… Read on
by NPR | April 24 2009
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s chairman, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, famously testified before Congress at the time of the Vietnam War. Now he invites soldiers from today’s wars to tell their stories… Listen
by Jorge Morales Almada, La Opinon | April 25 2009
VEn el campo de batalla Rick Reyes se dio cuenta que estaban peleando contra un fantasma. Sin un trabajo de inteligencia, en la zona de guerra todos eran sospechosos. Gente inocente tuvo que pagar por eso… Read on
by People’s Weekly World | April 23 2009
Afghan war veteran and retired Marine Corporal Rick Reyes testified before U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on his opposition on the war in Afghanistan. Reyes served as part of the first deployment to Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001 U.S. terrorist attacks… Read on
GRITtv | April 6 2009

by Walter Mosley, The Nation | April 8 2009
The war in Afghanistan is a quagmire bordering on a catastrophe. With a current price tag of $2 billion a month, this drawn-out conflict took the lives of 155 American soldiers and 2,118 Afghan civilians last year–the bloodiest year of the war to date. … Read on
on Uprising Radio | Mar. 30 2009
Rethink Afghanistan director Robert Greenwald is interviewed about he heard talking to ordinary Afghans during his recent trip to Afghanistan… Listen to the interview
by Siun, FireDogLake | Feb. 15 2009
Twenty years ago this weekend the USSR left Afghanistan, after nine long and brutal years of trying to “win.” This weekend the new US envoy to Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke was in Kabul to discuss our seven year attempt to “win”… Read on
by Brave New Films | Feb. 26 2009
Yesterday Brave New Foundation released the first chapter of “Rethink Afghanistan,” a new full-length documentary about the U.S.’ escalating military involvement in the country. Directed by Robert Greenwald, creator of Uncovered: The War on Iraq and Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers, Rethink Afghanistan will forgo a traditional theatrical release and will instead be posted in installments… Read on
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