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How will military escalation affect the U.S. economy? - Joe B., Los Angeles, CA
A recent Washington Post-ABC poll found that 55% of Democrats support negotiations with the Afghan Taliban (39% of Democrats were opposed.) Do you support or oppose negotiations with insurgent leaders in Afghanistan? - Robert N., Urbana, IL
Is it possible to both maintain an army in Afghanistan and still avoid total economic collapse? - Dan H., Palo Alto, CA
Why (or why not) would a purely diplomatic solution be better than a military one? - Thomas W., Las Cruces, NM
If history - past and recent, is to believed, then Afghanistan can not be subdued. So what is so differant from President Obama's plans, that will change history? - Mike S., Clawson, MI
What is the most important non-military strategy for Afghanistan to be truly self-governing? - James A., Austin, TX
Can more be done to create more of a coalition so that the U.S. isn't burdened with bearing the cost in lives and treasure alone? - Edward B., Sterlin, IL
Why don't we try diplomatic negotiation with all involved parties, including The Taliban FIRST? - Tommye D., Houston, TX
Given the Russians had FAR more troops years ago in Afghanistan and failed miserably, how can we justify our presence there, or even escalation? - Tim S., Portland, OR
What benefit would come from continued and expanded education of girls and young women? - Cecilia M., St. Mary of the Woods, IN
An interviewee on Democracy Now! last week stated that he didn't think the Iraq/Afgan problem would be solved until the Palestinian problem was solved. Do you agree? - Doris K., Fort Scott, KS
Instead of investing in sending U.S. troops to Afghanistan, why not use the money to support economic development in Afganistan? - Roselyn E., Altadena, CA
What would happen if we pulled out military troops and replaced them with agricultural experts, economic development experts, Peace Corps volunteers, medical corps, and specialists to help in development of strong governmental structures and other "helpers" to help Afghanis obtain an improved quality of life? - Rosann F., Orangeville, UT
What are the US's long-term interests in the region and what should our long-term presence be? - Karen M., Bellevue, NE
What has been the true cost of these wars to date, and the role of that cost in the current economic distress? - Frieda S., Pasadena, CA
How much health care could we provide for our country with the money we would be spending on this war? - Rick B., Flint, MI
What is the impact of this war and the war on Iraq on the U.S. economy? - Kathrine V., Cedar Falls, IA
Will the United States take responsibility for contaminating large areas of Afghanistan with depleted uranium munitions, which has already resulted in enormous increases in the incidence of radiation-related diseases such as cancer and leukemia, as well as bizarre, horrific birth defects? - James B., El Paso, TX
Should we be as concerned with the war on terror as with our deteriorating infrastructure? - Travis K., Dallas, TX
How will we know when we've won? What does "stabilized" mean? Somebody please get specific. We can never achieve a non-specific goal. - Theresa S., Bellingham, WA
Why are we involved in a situation that historically has been demonstrated, over and over again, to be a loser? - Vitaly V., Pacific Grove, CA
Should the US limit itself to cultural and social assistance w/ special ops teams going after the extremist military camps and operatives? - Bugsy H., Omaha NE
Do you think that killing people is a more effective method of eliminating terrorist than finding the cause of their anger and helping them to eliminate it? - Jim P., Eugene, OR
What will we do to help the Afghan and Pakistani people in the Pashtun region understand our mission there, and cooperate with it? - Grant T., Vilas, NC
Why not simply declare the invasion a costly mistake, withdraw all troops, and provide the equivalent of war making funds to rebuilding? - Hank M., Santa Rosa, CA
How about thinking of "containment"? The Taliban are limited to the Pushtun areas of both Afghanistan & Pakistan tribal areas & would find recruiting very difficult outside their homeland. - Ed R., Santa Fe, NM
Should we allow Obama to escalate the war without an exit strategy? - Lisa T., Madison, WI
Why not work closely with the Afghani people to help them in growing food or energy crops, so that they will not want to be under the control of the Taliban? - Jeannie G., Forth Worth, TX
What impact has our commitment in Iraq had on our ability to take care of our civil obligations (financial and moral ) here in the states. - Martha R., San Gabriel, CA
If almost eight years in Afghanistan has not brought about improvement, what would make anyone think that spending more years and money would help? - Susan O., Asheville, NC
No matter if we disagree with how the Afghans choose to govern themselves, to what extent is it really any of our business so long as they do not pose any direct threat to us? - Bruce W., Charleston, WV
How can the US and/or the UN promote women's rights, education for girls, and expanded knowledge of the history, origins and validity of Sharia laws? - Sara B., Clinton, NJ
Will sending more troops to Afghanistan undermine Obama's foreign policy of a new beginning for US relations with the Muslim World? - Michael C., Hillsborough, NC
How will more troops effect economics at the large and small business and individual levels in Afghanistan and the US? - Sylvia N., Granville, OH
Why are we still there in the first place? There is no "enemy" to defeat. Let's negotiate whatever we want there - pipeline? - Peter S., Wilmette, IL
Can the U.S. win militarily without continual occupation? What will the cost be and what will we win? - Paul L., Santa Monica, CA
Should the western world consider purchasing the opium produced in Afghanistan and allow its use for chronic pain reduction? - Lawrence T, Glendora, CA
How would finding the hidden source of and eradicating the power of the Taliban affect the ending of the war? - Barbara V., Winton, MN
Wouldn't aggressive economic intervention in the form of infrastructure development yield far better results and be more cost-effective than war? - Dennis C., Rohnert Park, CA
Can we have exchange program; Afghans & Pakistanis come here to teach languages & culture; Americans go there to teach basics of our system and infrastructure? - Philip S., Pittsburgh, PA
What would be the cost of investing in publicly run education and job training programs in Afghanistan as a peaceful alternative to the drug economy and military expenses. - Jeanne D., Tempe, AZ
Why are we there? What can we accomplish? - Melissa B., Vallejo, CA
Clearly, one elephant in the room is the opium trade. How would you eliminate that without destroying the Afghan economy? - John R., Cathedral City, CA
What makes Lawrence Korb think that counter-insurgency military efforts in Afghanistan will bring peace to that country and the region? - Nancy B., Somerville, MA
If we're trying to help the Afghan people, how can we justify using radioactive munitions, which leave a permanent legacy of radioactive pollution for all future generations? - Sharon P., Laytonville, CA
Do drone aircraft used to pursue Taliban create more trouble than benefit due to "collateral damage"? - Patricia G., San Diego, CA
Should we continue in Afganistan and Pakistan essentially on our own, or should we proceed only to the extent that most of our allies will join us. - Fred H., Colon, MI
How can we best eradicate the poppy production business and thus deprive the Taliban and Al Qaeda of a significant source of revenue. - Martha H., Burbank, WA
What is the further interest of the US in Afghanistan beyond terrorism? What happens if the troops leave? - Nicky N., Livermore, CA
Is unrest at least partially a symptom of an unhealthy relationship between American "interests" and the people of the world? If so, how do you propose we change the underlying causes of this unrest? - Pedro P., Wilmington, VT
Given the trillions dollar deficits the US is facing for years to come, how best can we transmit to the nation's opinion leaders that the US global posture is unsustainable? - Philip S., Leandro, CA
Which experts would you like to see speak in congressional hearings? - Tom V., Austin, TX
Why is the United States responsible for what happens in Afghanistan? What about what happens in Sudan, The Congo, or the Indians in Chiapas Mexico? What's the difference? - Joby M., Austin, TX
How about U.S, policy regarding Israel-Palestine, or about militarism and our military budget and our bases spread all over the world, i.e., empire? - Morton B., Urbana, Illinois
What if anything have we learned from the Soviet failure in Afghanistan? - John S., Kea'au, HI
Has anybody tried to find out what the Afghan people think/want? - Renate K., Bloomington, IN
Do we have any moral obligation to the folks in Afghanistan now that we've effectively wrecked their government by ousting the Taliban and installing Hamid Karzai, not to mention the ruination of their economy, such as it was? - William M., Ukiah, CA
What are your ideas to fight the huge and ubiquitous corruption that dooms our best efforts? - Brian W., Tuscon, AZ
I understand we are still selling military hardware to Israel. Is this in the best interest of our brokering a peace in the area? - Muriel C., Claremont, CA
How much are we overlooking the effect of the opium trade in Afghanistan, and in what ways can U.S. drug policy affect the situation there? - David C., Los Angeles, CA
Considering the complex history of Afghanistan, and the self serving, free of moral constraints, and short term objectives of U.S. Foreign Policy is not the best we can do in regions such as this be to try to educate the next generation? - Lionel H., McGill, NV
What is our exit strategy? - Adam S., Lincroft, NJ
What impact would some roads, power, and communication lines have on the whole conflict. - Charles C., Kalkaska, MI
What is the best strategy for "winning over" the people of Afghanistan? How much foreign aid and in what areas do you suggest: food, education, housing? - Luci U., Sonoma, CA
What part does a proposed pipeline through Afghanistan play in our occupation of the country? - Judith G., Olympia Fields, IL
Do we run the risk of regionalism the war engulfing Pakistan? - Ramon E., San Diego, CA
If President Obama is putting troops in Afghanistan because it's too dangerous to fall to the terrorists, what is he defining as success? What is he hoping to achieve? - Norma M., Greensboro, NC
Are the people of Afghanistan confident that the influence of the Taliban can be overcome by civil rebuilding only, without a U.S. military presence? - Craig S., Columbus, OH
Is the real goal in these military actions to control terrorism, or is it about destabilizing and then taking control of the Middle East in general? - Robin F., Kent, WA
How can the US assist Pakistan in building accountable, sustainable, and effective institutions beyond the military? - Colin C., Madison, WI
Do you think it would be possible for the leaders of all the countries involved in this endeavor to hold a series of round table talks with prominent scholars like yourselves, Political Scientists, Military experts and such and respectfully work together to avoid the possibility of a huge disaster? - Ana F., Manhattan, KS
Should we not gather all warlords and get them to reach an agreement to cooperate with us to throw out the Taliban? - Leon B., NY
Why not go flat out to catch Osama bin Laden? - Alex F., San Francisco, CA
What are Afghanistan and Pakistan doing to raise food in those border regions - and to secure their water for this summer, and future generations? - Genevieve V., Seattle, WA
Does our growing US troop deployment in Afghanistan increase the hostility to the US presence in Pakistan? - George S., Golden, CO
Please describe the part of Afgaani society that thinks the imposition of sharia is a good idea? What percentage of the Afghani population does this part of Afghani society make? - George S., Nashville, TN
Why has the narcotic trade increased during the American-British occupation (decreased during the Taliban rule)? Who benefits form this trade? - Ron P., Cincinnati, OH
Will more troops help or hurt women's rights in Afghanistan? - Carol L., Brooklyn, NY
Should we be pumping more cash into an economy that has money draining out through such gaping holes as Iraq and Afghanistan? - Bob P., Jacskonville, FL
What involvement and investment do other industrialized countries plan to commit in this matter? - Brett W., Shoreline, WA
Why does everyone assume we have the right to occupy a foreign country and kill people that didn't attack us? - T.M., Orlando, FL
Is a peace which saves the lives of Americans worth placing women under the restrictions of Islamic rule? - Joseph G., Cheyenne, WY
If Pakistan becomes much more unstable than it is now, what should the US do to ensure that Pakistan's nuclear arsenal does not fall into the wrong hands? - Leo G., Los Angeles, CA
Are we in Afghanistan because of the desired pipeline, the opium or to put the squeeze on Iran? - Joyce H., Richmond, VA
What is the role of the drug trade on Afghanistan politics, and what is the relationship of the continued criminalization of drug use in the United States to the drug trade in Afgahnistan? - Sybil M., Jerome, AZ
What will it take to redirect a significant amount of the defense budget to human needs during this economic crisis? - Neal C., Springfield, OH
Can't we just get out? Our economy is in the dirt- Obama just asked for $83B more - in addition to the budget. Does our constitution provide for us to adopt the world? - Pat S., Brownsville, TX
Dr. Riki Ott is proposing Amendment 28 "The separation of corporation and state." If this amendment were ratified wouldn't that put an end to corporate power and greed rendering war unprofitable and unnecessary? - Carole M., Mesa, AZ
Why are we pouring money into troops when what the country really needs is oversight on infrastructure spending? - Kree A., Seattle, WA
Should the United States stop using drones and assassination teams? - Jim S., Sonoma, CA
Would'nt the economic effect of our legalizing drugs have a major impact on the value of the drug crops and the farmers chice of what to raise? - Lee N., Henderson, NV
How should the war in Afghanistan impact future budgets? Should the defense budget get cut as well, since we're fighting over there? - Derek G., Las Vegas, NV
Does the spreading control and influence of the Taliban in Pakistan necessitate talks between Pakistan and India concerning mutual reduction and elimination of nuclear weapons. - Rosemary S., Madison, WI
What is the definition of "victory" in Afghanistan? - Kathy C., East Meadow, NY
How can we pay for the domestic programs we need at home if we continue our gargantuan military budget? - Bill H., Austin, TX
Don't the Pashtun people have a right to their own state, and wouldn't international recognition and cooperation with such a state help promote peaceful relations in the region? - David B., Rutherford NJ
Since over half of the citizens of Afghanistan are female, shouldn't we ask them what kind of help they want from us, if any? - Bill D., Bellingham, WA
Greg Mortenson (author of Three Cups of Tea) has built 50 schools in the desolate regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Isn't education preferable to military intervention? - Judy B., Spokane Valley, WA
Are we really fighting an "enemy", or are we involved in inter-tribal warfare? - Al F., Baker City, OR
How are we going to eliminate the al Qaida hideouts in the mountainous border between Pakistan and Afghanistan? - Dinkar K., Raleigh, NC
Should we re-evaluate the concept of a global war on terrorism? - Blair R., Grafton, NH
How will continuation of the war affect affect social programs in the U.S.? - Russell P., Contoocook, NH
Could you please compare and then contrast Afghanistan with Vietnam? - Lee F., Attleboro, MA
How much help in addressing the problems of the Middle East is it our right to expect from European nations? - Alexandra, V., Edison, NJ
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